Spring fling with my gay lover

My friend and I were messing around together in a so-called relationship for a long time. He was my best friend, and I knew he has feelings for me, but I all I was doing every time he tried to express them I had some new guy in my life.

This spring was the perfect time when the two of us were free, and maybe we could’ve started something more serious about ourselves. One perfectly sunny weekend, I asked him to come to my home, to hang around and maybe talk about us. But I had one crazy idea. I wanted to show him some video xxx, and perhaps we could watch some amateur gay porn.  

That would be our turn-up point where we could feel each other’s bodies and express our feelings. He is confirming his presence at my house, and he sounded confident more than ever.

When he came, my porn was ready for watching, and I was hornier than ever. He was stunning. Wearing that shirt that I bought for him for his birthday last month, he looked so hot. He was tense, and all I wanted was to relieve him. I suggested watching some video that I prepared for us, and he agreed so quickly. That amateur gay boys were young, horny, and sexy. I noticed his reaction when I played the video. He was surprised but also excited that something interesting is happening between us. As the boys enjoyed, we started to enjoy too. He began by kissing my neck and slowly touching the lower parts of my body. His erection was noticeable, and as I began to touch him, his excitement started to grow.

The boys in the video were in the middle of their game when he encouraged himself to start to undress me. He licked my body, beginning from my neck, down to my fully erected penis. My eyes gave him a sign that I want him and want to speed up our foreplay. I really liked his mind-blowing technique for a blowjob, and I was ready to give me pleasure as always, and I was prepared to enjoy more than ever.

I cumed a lot of times, and it was his turn. The video with those hot young guys was still on; they had a blast, which spiced up the atmosphere. His huge penis was in my mouth, and I started to give him a blowjob. He was trying not to be loud and hide his excitement, but his eyes were giving him up. His orgasm hit very fast. But I didn’t stop.

I loved his liquids to be blown in my mouth, and I wanted to show my satisfaction from seeing him orgasming from another round of blowjob. In a minute, he was ready for one more action. He cumed for a second and a third time that night, and his happiness that we were together for the night was showing to his face. This night was a mind-blowing experience for both of us and a wake-up call that our friendship has to end, or we should try to be together!

Office place fantasy

I’ve worked in a marketing agency, and I was the director of marketing. My job was stressful and filled with lots of tension, but I loved it, and I wanted to succeed in my career. I was working on a project with a hot, single colleague, and he was always trying to give me a sign that he liked me too. 

After work, I would often go home, go to, and have an after-work party with myself. Those Hindi actors reminded me of him, and I couldn’t resist masturbating while thinking of him. He was hot, had beautiful, sincere eyes, and a smile that would make any girl fall in love with him. 

When I was thinking of him and started masturbation to him, it crossed my mind that maybe I should stay at work with him someday and try to seduce him. Perhaps I could have a chance to see his gorgeous body, his toned muscles, and his penis, which I expect to be huge. One day I noticed that I am starting to wear clothes that are sexy, emphasizing my breasts, and I was really sexy. I saw him that he enjoys the look to my boobs, and he wanted to touch them and feel them. Lots of girls were competing with each other, but he had eyes just for me. We were working late that night, and I was really horny. I took the courage to tell him that I want him right there. He was not surprised, and he said to me that he wanted me to. 


He started to kiss me with such a passion that I never felt before and expected. He turned me on more than I ever was. He was so hot, I wanted to rip all his clothes off him and get into action. He read my mind. My new silk blouse was on the floor at the very minute I started to moan softly. He put me on the desk, and he spread my legs to have access to my already wet pussy. My panties were down to the floor, my tities were in his hands; he started to stimulate my nipples so good that I was close to orgasm. He began to finger me with his left hand, and he had insanely good technique.

My moaning became louder and louder, and I could feel that he is satisfied with what he was doing to me. I was out of my mind; I orgasmed loud and heavy. I felt like I am in heaven, and I found my Prince Charming. His dick was in full erection, significant, and ready to penetrate in me. I couldn’t imagine that he would be this good. He entered in me and filled me like no one before. I had a second orgasm at the same time he started to penetrate and wanted more. That night I orgasmed a couple of times. He had orgasms, and his juices were all over my- to my booty, my boobies, and in my mouth. 


The reality was even better than I’ve imagined when I masturbated. So we definitely should repeat that and never talked about it at work.  

The Game Changing Content to Cum To

Single or taken, dry spell or not, masturbation is good for you. It has been accredited with preventing prostate cancer and menstrual pain, reducing stress and preventing cervical infections and urinary tract diseases. And no top of that it just feels good, right?

And we all know what helps best when it comes to self-satisfaction. One hint, it’s not your imagination.

Another hint, its synonym is adult movies. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is pornography, one of the biggest industries today, dedicated to satisfying literally millions of people of various sexual orientations, religions, and age.

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A couple of more advanced must be given though. Remember that masturbation is a private thing, and you should be aware of your surroundings, especially if they are, let’s say, well-hung.

Another big one is Incognito mode on your browser, you don’t want someone judging you for your masturbating habits, although there really should be no need for explanation, everyone has a right to jerk off and enjoy it, as long as it is not offensive towards others.

And last but not least, try and be an advocate for masturbation, we have all learned so far that it is healthy and necessary. So don’t discourage it, embrace it and enjoy it, feeling better is a guarantee.





Gay Porn

Although many people that watch porn movies are heterosexual there are many gays that watch them too. Often gays will want to watch different porn movies from heterosexuals but that is not always the case. Plus, sometimes heterosexuals may watch gay movies.

This means that in order to try and reach a wider audience, porn producers will make a wide range of movies, some intended for heterosexual audiences and others specifically targeting gays, often referred to as porno gay movies. Many of the actors in these movies may however play either role and often do, depending on the script.


Regardless if a movie is intended for a gay audience or a heterosexual one, often the male star will be endowed with a big cock.

Many of the people that watch porno gay movies or normal porn movies are excited, or at least impressed, with a large penis but some people are more impressed with the stamina of the actors rather than with how well-endowed they may be. To this end most porn producers will prefer to use actors who are well endowed, but all their actors will need to have stamina and seem almost insatiable.

Regardless of whether the actor is well endowed or not, he will be required to have stamina and staying power, as he will be told when he can cum and when he shouldn’t. In fact many of the gay and other porn movies ensure they have excellent cum shots and so will need to know when exactly in the movie they will occur.

Not all porn movies need any cock at all though as one of the more popular genres feature no males, only females in lesbian roles. Even in those movies though a big cock is often replaced by a large toy of one type or another, and so size nearly always plays a role even if it is not always an actual cock.

Increased Popularity

Whilst gay movies may not be the most popular, they have in recent years gained in popularity. In just a few years leading up to 2016 gay movies increased in popularity by 45% and now constitute 3% of all porn movies watched. To meet this growing demand porn movie producers have had to increase their production of gay movies so as to offer an equal amount of choice as their regular porn movie watchers have.

Most porn sites will have a wide variety of porn movies both regular and gay but other porn sites will limit themselves to one type of porn, such as gay. Obviously this means that if you are only interested in gay movies, it will be quicker to find what you want by going to an exclusive site for those types of movies. If however, you are only interested in seeing a large penis, you can quickly see what you want by visiting any of the sites.

If of course you want gay and a large cock, you can always go to a gay site and type in huge cock.



The Ultimate Guide: Sex Adventure with A Super Model

Hours before a date with the hottest Indian woman you’ve ever met and you know there is gonna be action. The restaurant part is covered, but what about the bedroom part? Are you ready to walk that extra mile to satisfy her in bed? I mean really rock her world, so she comes back for more, over and over again! Here are some pro tips that can help you make the most of everything.

Educate Yourself

Wanna know what works most for super-hot Indian women? Check out There are tons of great MMS XXX videos that will introduce you to a world of pleasure. A World that is all about pleasuring each other in a way that is acceptable for both parties.

The Most Important Rule

The greatest pleasure is not only to receive pleasure but to give as well. That’s the part to the ultimate orgasm and how you turn sex into something more. A sexually pleased woman will do anything and everything for her man, and that goes both ways. There is no replacement for great sex. No money or wealth can provide what a great and meaningful sex can do for your love life.

What Not to Do

Do not rush things. If you spend even little time watching MMS XXX Videos you will see that it is all about taking your time, the foreplay, the interaction, the body talk. Going hot and ending fast is not how you impress an Indian woman. Instead, opt for long foreplay, observe and react. Great foreplay is the foundation and key to a great sexual experience. All is lost without it.

Ask and Listen

Don’t be intimidated by a woman that knows her stuff. Some of the hottest Indian women know what they want from their men and are not shy to ask from them to do something. That is the only way for a super sexy woman to be tamed in bed. Show strength if she asks for it. Sometimes she will make her request explicit while other times she will be subtle in her ask. The point here is not to lose yourself in the moment. At least not early in the foreplay. If you are not sure, do ask her. Ask and apply. That’s also a sure way to an orgasm.

In Conclusion

Be yourself is somewhat of cliche advice. But being intimate with an Indian woman is all about being true to yourself. She will recognize your openness, and she will reward that with the best sex you ever had.

The guidelines above are not laws written in stone. They are there to make sure you perform at your best. One-night stand can lead to something more. Sometimes to a longer relationship, other times to an ongoing adventure with a super-hot woman. That is if you rock her world like no one else.