Sexual outdoors experience

Hot weather and getting some sun would not be the wrong choice. But it would definitely be perfect if you are going with me. We have been in a crisis lately, and I want to be closer with you again. But our sex life was worse than ever, and I needed to get into some action.

We are getting into the car, and I drive to the closest village to enjoy some nature. I have some dirty minds that I would love to share. I know how much you love to watch some xxx video online. I’ve seen you many times watching those videos while you think that I am asleep.

Today we will watch those videos together and will try to give ourselves pleasure.

We get out of the car and finally finding one beautiful meadow. This is the perfect place to show and explore our sexuality, and nobody will disturb us.

We put the blanket down to the grass and sit right next to each other. You smile like you are sensing what is about to happen, but you still wait for me to get action.

I am not waiting anymore; I would love to kiss you and give you a memorable orgasm right here and right now. I am giving you a wet kiss, and you grab my tits. I stop you and get my phone to show you that video with those lesbians playing and owning the world while they squirt, and I want you to do the same to me. You are surprised, but you like the idea. We start to watch them, and you try to copy their touches to me. I am not watching, just listening to them moaning, which gets me wetter than I already am. I am undressing, and your touching continues through my boobs, stomach, and fine ass.

You like those parts of my body. I am getting your hand and asking you to start touching my clitoris. My pussy is wet, I cannot wait to have a mind-blowing orgasm, but you stop and ask me to kiss you and give you oral sex. I am not complaining; I love giving you pleasure. Your pussy is also wet. I remember that pussy so good, and I love to see you squirt. You ask me to do the same that those hot lesbians are doing. I am putting my fingers into your pussy, and you start moaning loud. Your eyes are closed, and you are already over the moon. As they moan, you are louder, and I know that you’ll orgasm soon.

You explode the same minute as the one lesbian on the video. You are so loud, and I know that you want more. The second orgasm is only after a couple of seconds, and you came loud as you’ve never been before. Then you make me lay on the grass, and it is my turn. You start to lick my pussy, and those long fingers of yours are in there. I squirt; I orgasm loud as you and you continue to please me meanwhile touching yourself. We finally cum together, and we lay down in a hug