My sex life was extremely rich for as long as I can remember. I’ve had the chance to nail just about anything that walked and for a while, that was the only thing that kept me going. There comes a time in your life when you get tired of the same old and you want to try out something entirely new. New levels of crazy and fresh sexual endeavors were just around the corner. For some reason, I just couldn’t make that last step and launch myself into new experiences. While I wanted to know what awaits, a part of me was worried that I might never feel fulfilled.

It wasn’t too twisted, after all

I started thinking about all of the twisted stuff I’ve ever seen in porn. I always wondered if the actors really enjoyed it or if they had to fake it. I didn’t even know where to start looking for my own big experience. Naturally, the first choice would be as many porn sites as I could find. For some reason, none of the videos I’ve seen sparked an interest inside of me. That was until I stumbled across this one amateur threesome porn video and realized that the truth of what I wanted out of my sex life was right in front of me all along. And it was so easy, too! It didn’t require months of preparation and looking for a partner who would be into it. All I needed was two girls that wanted to let loose and have a little fun.

It was easy from there on out

I knew just where to find at least one of those, and if she had a friend, my dream would only be coming true faster. I remembered that one of those porn sites I’ve been visiting frequently was slightly different. While it was definitely the home of the best free amateur porn I’ve ever had a chance to see, it also had a distinguished feature that set it apart from all of the other ones. This website allowed users to post their own videos and contact each other through the platform. I’ve had my eye on one girl that mostly shot girl-on-girl action, but has been known to record a few impressive videos with a couple of guys, as well.

It was unforgettable

I knew that as soon as I could get in touch with that girl, I could also get her to get a friend for me and finally get it on! I was only a quick message away from the most delightful experience in my entire life. And the best part was that the experience itself was only going to be a beginning of something much bigger and meaningful. After I finally met up with them, we shot our first threesome video. I was nervous because I never did something like that on camera. We agreed that it would be best to let the girl upload it under her account. The popularity of it blew up so much that we constantly got comments and personal messages asking for new videos and new shows!