The name already echoes in the minds of many guys around the world. Asa Akira is one of those names that get drilled in our heads, and it doesn’t come off as easy as other stuff about pop culture. She’s the face of some of the most fantastic porn shots in the 2010s and is probably responsible for your Asian fetish. This girl was born an American but raised in Tokyo for a while, when she finally made it back to the USA she unleashed her inner sexuality and became one of the most amazing actresses in adult films that have ever existed. Her time is yet to come even with a staggering nine years in the porn industry, she’s barely 33 years old, and she still looks great.


The first clip I remember featuring Asa was one video she made for Nuru Massages, back in 2012. In those days it seems there was a fetish going on for these types of massages and this studio capitalized on it by having an actual Asian perform the massages on quite a few pornstars girls and men alike. Of course, this was only an excuse to have a beautiful Asian girl fucking the brains out of her so-called customers. Real Nuru massages are a bit more ceremonial, but Asa stood out on all of her clips because she had this amazingly curvy body in such a tiny frame, it was hard not to get off to that sight after looking at it for ten minutes.