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My Finest Cup Of Hot Black Chocolate

Whoever said ‘Once you go black you can’t go back’ certainly had the right idea. It was always one of my fantasies to sleep with a black girl. Although there weren’t that many I knew, I certainly knew of ways to make it possible. I heard that they give the best blow jobs ever and that their sexual stamina is just out of this world. Only a fool would turn down something like this and I wasn’t about to. After watching so much real amateur porn starring black women, I made it my personal mission to meet one, date one and finally experience what it’s like to have one in bed.

It took some time

It turned out it wasn’t that easy to just meet them out of the blue. I tried going out to local bars and restaurants, hoping I’d catch a good glimpse. I failed to find one even remotely attractive. So, where are all of these hot black women hiding? I finally decided to go and get one of those dating apps. It was very easy to use, all you had to do was browse and choose. I knew I had a better chance of meeting a black girl ready to have sex by doing this, so I sent a few messages out, looking forward to any replies.

Everything I ever dreamed of

I finally met her. The black girl of my dreams was only a few hours away and I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to meet someone. Although I was afraid for a time that the pictures she used were fake, I still wanted to go and make sure that I finally found the one. Once I met her, she was everything I ever imagined she would be an even more. After a few drinks, I got a little more confident and finally asked if this was going anywhere. She told me to give it a few more hours and she would have a surprise for me. These are the words every man wants to hear from a mysterious woman promising sex.

It was a night to remember

I wondered what she was into. Maybe she was one of those dominatrix girls and she was going to make me her slave. Maybe she was a shemale, or maybe she was into pegging. Whatever she was into, it had to be good and I promised myself that I would definitely give it a chance. A few more drinks went down smoothly and she suggested that we should get going. She took me to her house and without beating around the bush too much, we made our first homemade ebony video together. It was wild and crazy and we met up a few more times to make a real collection of hot sex on tape. I still keep them and occasionally go back to watch some of them, just to remember how awesome it all was. A few months later, she reached out to me to let me know that she also uploaded them to the Internet. I unknowingly became quite a sensation, it turned out.