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Gay Porn

Although many people that watch porn movies are heterosexual there are many gays that watch them too. Often gays will want to watch different porn movies from heterosexuals but that is not always the case. Plus, sometimes heterosexuals may watch gay movies.

This means that in order to try and reach a wider audience, porn producers will make a wide range of movies, some intended for heterosexual audiences and others specifically targeting gays, often referred to as porno gay movies. Many of the actors in these movies may however play either role and often do, depending on the script.


Regardless if a movie is intended for a gay audience or a heterosexual one, often the male star will be endowed with a big cock.

Many of the people that watch porno gay movies or normal porn movies are excited, or at least impressed, with a large penis but some people are more impressed with the stamina of the actors rather than with how well-endowed they may be. To this end most porn producers will prefer to use actors who are well endowed, but all their actors will need to have stamina and seem almost insatiable.

Regardless of whether the actor is well endowed or not, he will be required to have stamina and staying power, as he will be told when he can cum and when he shouldn’t. In fact many of the gay and other porn movies ensure they have excellent cum shots and so will need to know when exactly in the movie they will occur.

Not all porn movies need any cock at all though as one of the more popular genres feature no males, only females in lesbian roles. Even in those movies though a big cock is often replaced by a large toy of one type or another, and so size nearly always plays a role even if it is not always an actual cock.

Increased Popularity

Whilst gay movies may not be the most popular, they have in recent years gained in popularity. In just a few years leading up to 2016 gay movies increased in popularity by 45% and now constitute 3% of all porn movies watched. To meet this growing demand porn movie producers have had to increase their production of gay movies so as to offer an equal amount of choice as their regular porn movie watchers have.

Most porn sites will have a wide variety of porn movies both regular and gay but other porn sites will limit themselves to one type of porn, such as gay. Obviously this means that if you are only interested in gay movies, it will be quicker to find what you want by going to an exclusive site for those types of movies. If however, you are only interested in seeing a large penis, you can quickly see what you want by visiting any of the sites.

If of course you want gay and a large cock, you can always go to a gay site and type in huge cock.



Coming Out – And Then Coming In-And-Out For The World To See

Being a gay man in today’s society isn’t an easy thing. Sure, the times where they would consider us pitchfork material has passed, but we aren’t exactly accepted by the society as much as we’d like to. I don’t like doing this, but I have to get it off of my chest somehow. The internet is the best place to go with your deepest, darkest secrets and desires. You might stop me right there and tell me that’s all a bunch of crap, but the truth is – there isn’t a better place for airing your dirty laundry. You can say anything – and I mean absolutely anything in the world to the millions of strangers across the globe, and not even one of them is going to cause your life to change.

I couldn’t be who I am

Where I live, being gay is still a well-guarded secret. Obviously, to my online friends and fuck-buddies, I am openly gay and no one has an issue with it. So, to keep things from getting out of hand, I am dating a girl. Just to make my parents and neighbors believe to themselves that I turned out okay. I still did, mind you, they just can’t accept it for some reason. Anyhow, the reason I am telling you all of this is very simple. At first, to satisfy my own curiosities and cravings, I sought out gay porn in an abnormal amount. My girlfriend was fine with it for the most of the time. But there came a point in time where I realized it wasn’t going to be enough.

We tried to make it work

My girlfriend was surprisingly flexible. She even agreed to let me fuck her in the ass so I can feel closer towards what I’m looking for. Even that didn’t help. At the end of the day, she wasn’t a strong, muscular, well-hung man, or a skinny pale-ass twink, and I just didn’t get off to her. I knew that I was going to hurt her if I told her we should break things off, but at the same time, I would be hurting myself if I stayed in a relationship with her. So, I tried to do the best possible thing for us both, by sleeping with guys without her knowing. I’d often film myself fucking or getting fucked so I can get off to it when I’m horny and I can’t find a guy to get laid with. I had all of those videos on my phone.

The happy ending!

That was probably my biggest mistake. At one point, she found all of those hot vids and decided she’d upload them to pornotumblr, to spite me. I thought for a moment there that my life would be over since everyone would find out just who I really am in the most privacy-invasive way imaginable. The Boy was I wrong! Turns out the word didn’t spread and the only thing I gained from the website is a ton of guys calling me and asking if they can hook up! It’s a great place to meet potential fuck buddies!