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This Nasty Ebony Trans Slut Picked up This Blonde From a Club and Fucked Her Silly

It has been a while since I had a hotfuck, I am a sexy ebony transexual and I love fucking so much that I fantasize about fucking even when I am at the office attending to clients. I have not dated anyone in a while because of my love for one-night stands. So anytime I am in the mood to get my cock sucked or my ass fucked, I go to the club and talk a stunning blonde or brunette girl into following me home for the night.

I was on my way back from the office and the only thing on my mind is this stunning blonde girl I fucked after an insane night at the club yesterday. Something about how she not only rides my cock but also the way she licks and plays with my cock before giving me a blowjob made me want to spend the entire night cumming into her mouth. So instead of going straight, I went to the club where I met this stunning blonde and went to look for her. I searched the club for a while and luckily I finally found her in the VIP section of the club grinding this lucky guy’s cock. I signaled her and told her I wanted to see her outside. After we spoke for a while, she agreed to follow me back to my home for another round of all-night fucking. She got into my car and I drove us to my home, while we were driving to my home, she put her hands on my lap which made my cock very hard but I did not want to lose focus while driving so I asked her to wait until we got home. When we finally got to my home, she stripped naked in my sitting room and walked naked to the bathroom. After she was done in the shower, she approached me on my bed and asked where we should begin. Just when I was about to give her a reply, by suggesting she start by sucking my cock, she grabbed my cock with her soft hands and began to give me a slow sensual handjob. She jerked off my cock so well that I thought I was going to spray all the cum I have left on my cock.

When she noticed I was about to cum on her hands she then slid my hard cock inside her pussy and began to ride my cock like a horny cowgirl. Immediately she began to ride my cock, I felt myself cumming and I did not want to cum now so I decided to change sex position. I proceeded to bend her over on my bed and began to fuck her creamy pussy doggy style. I fucked her sweet pussy so hard that she squirts multiple times on my hard cock and I returned the favor by filling her wet pussy with hot cum.

A Night With My Naughty Nurse

It’s a Monday morning so I was getting ready to go to work when I sprained my ankle. My first instinct was to endure the pain but immediately I got to my car the pain got worse. So I had to visit the hospital. When I got to the hospital, this sexy thick nurse caught my attention something about how she walked reminded me of the amateur lesbian porn I watched last night on video xxx.

After staring at her for a while, I started to fantasize about fucking her. Just when I was about to rip her clothes in my imagination, she approached me and asked if I wanted to see the doctor. I answered yes and she asked me to follow her to a private room so she could check my blood pressure and run some basic tests. When we got to the room, she asked me to sit down and began to check my blood pressure. While she was checking my blood pressure, I could not stop staring at her tits. Looking at her breasts, I could tell she was not wearing any bra. So I asked her why she wasn’t putting on a bra. She smiled and said she doesn’t feel comfortable in them. Just when she was about to finish checking my blood pressure, I slid my hands under her gown and began to rub her pussy. I thought she was going to ask me to stop but for some reason she let me rub her pussy. When I noticed she wasn’t stopping me, I shifted her panties and began to finger pussy. She looked into my eyes and removed my hands from underneath her gown and started walking toward the door. I felt she was angry, So I apologized. To my surprise when she got to the door, she bolted it and used the curtains to cover the windows. She then approached me and whispered into my ears that what was about to happen was a one-time thing. I nodded in agreement. She then took out my hard cock and began to suck it. The more she sucked my cock the harder my cock felt. When she noticed I was about to cum into her mouth.

She stopped sucking my cock, took off her panties, and asked me to eat her hairy pussy. Without hesitation, I laid her on the table, grabbed her legs, and began to eat her pussy. I ate her pussy until she squirts all over my face. It was clear I was doing something right so I did not stop eating her pussy until she begged me to shove my cock inside her pussy. I then bent her over on the same table, used my cock to rub her pussy for a little while then inserted my cock into her pussy. Immediately my cock entered her pussy she moaned loudly and after a while of stroking her pussy she begged me not to stop.

Office place fantasy

I’ve worked in a marketing agency, and I was the director of marketing. My job was stressful and filled with lots of tension, but I loved it, and I wanted to succeed in my career. I was working on a project with a hot, single colleague, and he was always trying to give me a sign that he liked me too. 

After work, I would often go home, go to  https://xxnxxhindi.com/, and have an after-work party with myself. Those Hindi actors reminded me of him, and I couldn’t resist masturbating while thinking of him. He was hot, had beautiful, sincere eyes, and a smile that would make any girl fall in love with him. 

When I was thinking of him and started masturbation to him, it crossed my mind that maybe I should stay at work with him someday and try to seduce him. Perhaps I could have a chance to see his gorgeous body, his toned muscles, and his penis, which I expect to be huge. One day I noticed that I am starting to wear clothes that are sexy, emphasizing my breasts, and I was really sexy. I saw him that he enjoys the look to my boobs, and he wanted to touch them and feel them. Lots of girls were competing with each other, but he had eyes just for me. We were working late that night, and I was really horny. I took the courage to tell him that I want him right there. He was not surprised, and he said to me that he wanted me to. 


He started to kiss me with such a passion that I never felt before and expected. He turned me on more than I ever was. He was so hot, I wanted to rip all his clothes off him and get into action. He read my mind. My new silk blouse was on the floor at the very minute I started to moan softly. He put me on the desk, and he spread my legs to have access to my already wet pussy. My panties were down to the floor, my tities were in his hands; he started to stimulate my nipples so good that I was close to orgasm. He began to finger me with his left hand, and he had insanely good technique.

My moaning became louder and louder, and I could feel that he is satisfied with what he was doing to me. I was out of my mind; I orgasmed loud and heavy. I felt like I am in heaven, and I found my Prince Charming. His dick was in full erection, significant, and ready to penetrate in me. I couldn’t imagine that he would be this good. He entered in me and filled me like no one before. I had a second orgasm at the same time he started to penetrate and wanted more. That night I orgasmed a couple of times. He had orgasms, and his juices were all over my- to my booty, my boobies, and in my mouth. 


The reality was even better than I’ve imagined when I masturbated. So we definitely should repeat that and never talked about it at work.