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This is why I Love Indian Amateur Porn

Let me begin my story by telling you the thing that drives me the most. As a western, I got a kink for exotic women. When it comes to porn, I rather enjoy the efforts done by an unknown in amateur porn instead of the staged scenes that many pornstars do. I really can’t put the finger on a solid reason that explains why I’m wired that way. It’s an acquired taste that it got latched on me for a good portion of my youth and I kept that kink well into my adulthood. Since I have an internet connection and porn is a thing on it, I have been hunting down the best clips of amateur Indian amateur porn I could find, and I have quite the collection to this day.

As I told you at the beginning, it’s very hard to explain why I love Indian porn. A friend asked me not so long ago about it, and I couldn’t offer a reason. After thinking about for a while, I decided to share my insight with the world instead of calling my friend and offer an awkward explanation about something he asked a couple of years ago. The first thing I notice about most of these amateur porn clips is how natural the women look. A lot of them are really beautiful, but nothing gets my gears going faster than a woman who has let nature do their thing when it comes to her beauty. I hate fake boobs, and very few of these amateur stars have them, if none at all.

The Whole Package As I See It

The other reason is the garments. Damn, I love a good Saree on a woman’s body. A lot of guys out there have a fetish for Asian women in Yukatas, but I fall hard for a woman wearing a Saree. It’s almost the perfect piece of clothing they can wear for everything they do, and it’s easy to take off. In most of these amateur clips, these women always pull up the lower half of the saree to fuck. It’s like a ready-to-fuck dress, and I find that hot and incredibly sexy. If you top the saree with the natural ornaments most of these women wear in their foreheads, fingers, and toes, you got a whole package of sexiness that is very hard to dismiss. At least for me!

Last but not least is the acting the part of it. Indian porn is not as elaborated as its American counterpart. The performers get together and fuck, that’s it! No fake teachers fucking students, no cuckoldry, no staged scenarios. It seems natural and much more real for me, as well as appealing. Amateur porn also shows that many of these women are very assertive when it comes to getting laid. They don’t let a guy run the show the whole nine yards, and they don’t go screaming incessantly in the entire scene making it seem fake. All in all, I guess it is an excellent package, and I wanted to let the world know why Indian porn can be genuinely an acquired taste.

Top 5 Indian Pornstars Known across the Globe

Indian pornstars have been always in demand and desired, not just in India but worldwide. Some say it is because of their slender bodies, others think it is because of their soft brown skin, while most simply find them irresistible hot without any explicit reason. Whatever the reason they make both males and females horny as hell. To that end, we’ve made a list of what we think are the top five Indian pornstars that are world famous.

#1 Sunny Leone

Sunny is one of a kind, a true goddess. She has performed both in porn and mainstream movies. And in each one of them, she is an epiphany of sexual desire. She has won plenty of awards for her roles in porn movies and has worked with some of the most celebrated names in the porn industry. She is a true icon of porn, well beyond Indian borders. Her breasts are 34C and her big ass is 34.

#2 Destiny Deville

Destiny Deville is one of those Indian adult actresses that can be found on any list of best babes from India. She is well-known as Sunny and equally adored as her. She moved at the UK at an early age where she made her first steps in the adult industry. Even though she retired several years ago she left us with more than 80 movies, many of whom are award-winning adult movies. Her ass is 32, while her breasts are 34E. She might be retired, but for her fans, she is always there one or another way.