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A Night to Remember With My Kinky Aunt

I am a thick teen sluts who love to get my wet pink pussy eaten after a long day at school. I just got back from school and walked in on my aunt playing with her hairy pussy on the sitting room couch while watching lesbian porn videos on porno tumblr. Watching her finger her pussy made me so horny that I wanted to sit on her face and make her eat my creamy pussy but I held back myself because part of me was scared that she might not feel the same way.

Immediately she heard me walk in, she stood and left the sitting room. It’s night time and my mom and dad just got back from the office feeling very tired as usual so after we were done with dinner my parents went straight to their bedroom. My aunt and I were left in the sitting room watching a movie together. While we were watching the movie, she put her soft hands in between my legs and started rubbing her hands on my pussy. I wanted to return the favor but I was scared of my parents catching us. So I whispered into her ears and asked her to follow me to my bedroom. When we got to my bedroom she started by looking around my room and teased me about how much I have grown into a stunning brunette babe. I then approached her and shoved my hands into her skirt. I began to finger her sweet pussy. I finger her pussy so well that she squirts all over my hands and pushed me onto the bed. After she pushed me onto the bed, she took off my black panties and began to run her fingers through my perfect body. Something about my fat ass just made her want to fuck me from behind with a strap-on cock but she was afraid I wasn’t into that kind of thing so imagine the surprise when I took out a strap-on cock from my wardrobe and asked her to destroy my hot tight ass. Without hesitation, she bent me over and fucked my fat ass so hard that my parents heard my loud moans from their bedroom but they were too tired to respond.

After she was done satisfying her naughty sexual craving, I pushed her onto the bed and sat on her face. I not only made her eat my creamy pussy but also ride her pretty face until I reach climax for the first time in a while. We then proceeded to scissors each other’s pussy and fuck each other’s tight pussy with several kinky sex toys until we squirt several times on my bed. Just when I spread her legs on my bed and began to eat her pussy, I heard a knock on my door. It was my mom, she heard loud moaning sounds coming from my room and wanted to check if I was okay.

Steamy Lesbian Sex With a Hot Teen Slut

I am an 18-year slim brunette and since I was, I have never had an orgasm. I don’t if it’s the men I have been with but for some reason, they don’t seem to satisfy my sexual urges. This sexy teen girl just moved into my neighborhood and since then I have been watching her undress from my window. Part of me think she knows I am watching and she just enjoys being watched.

I woke up this day feeling bolder than ever so I walked up to her apartment after her parents left for work and asked her if she wanted to hang out. I have never been sexually involved with another girl. So I did not know what to do. Immediately I entered her home, she invited me to sit on a couch and offered me water. We started talking about how cool the neighborhood is but while we were talking I could not stop staring at her lips. They looked so soft and sweet before I knew what was going on, I grabbed her and kissed her. For a moment I was scared she was going to kick me out of her home. She stood up, went to lock the door, and turned off the lights. She approached me and started to kiss me while she caressed my perky tits and phat ass. I have watched lots of porn videos featuring hot lesbians making love. So I was not completely lost in the moment. When we were done kissing each other, she asked me to follow her to her parent’s room. It turns out she has always wanted to get fucked in her parent’s room after some of her best friends from her high school dared her. So when we got to her parent’s bedroom, she pushed me on the bed and asked me if I knew how to play with pussy. I told her no since I had no prior experience. She then told me not to worry that she would teach me. She slid her hands into my wet pussy and began to finger. Immediately her fingers entered my pussy. I felt my pussy squirting pussy juice for the first time in my life. After she was done fingering my pussy, she then put my legs on her shoulder and began to eat my pussy.

She ate and licked my pussy so well I begged her not to stop. While she was eating and licking my pussy, she also caressed my tits. After a while of feeling her tongue in my pussy I began to moan so loudly she stopped and asked me if I wanted her to stop. I answered no. So she then sat on my face and made me return the favor. Although it was the first time I knew I was doing a great job because the expression on her face as I ran my tongue through her thighs and pussy was priceless.

The girl that I will never forget

The day I met her was one of those days I didn’t want to meet anyone and be with anyone. My heart was broken, I couldn’t love someone new, and all I wanted at that moment was to watch amateur lesbian porn, especially homemade porn, and be sorry for you and myself. But watching those porn movies made me feel like myself and made me feel more alive.

But that day I saw the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Those tremendous and sexy lips were only for tasting and soft biting, and I thought that I could fall in love the minute when I kissed them.

Your white dress emphasized your curves, giving a perfect look to your soft skin and small but perfectly shaped boobies.

When you took my hand in a handshake, I felt something strange, some passion that I had never felt before, and I knew that I had to have you.

You turned something on in me, lit the fire between my loins, and I could not resist your charm.

I recognized that you felt the same, and that encouraged me to ask for your number and invite you to go out.

That night we were out, and I felt more alive than ever. It was me again, the girl that wanted to be adventurous and the girl that loved to party. My makeup was perfect. I decided to wear that brown leather boots that were a perfect match for my petite little dress, making me not so naked as I actually was.

When you saw me, you had a smile from ear to ear. But you also were looking stunning into that silk jumpsuit, giving such a beautiful look to your perfectly toned booty and legs.

We ordered margaritas, cheered for our new friendship, and we enjoyed it. You were undressing me with your eyes, I could see that your desire to have me was through the roof, and luckily I was ready to start something new after a long time.

Your soft skin that was glowing under the bar’s lights made me give you a wet kiss on your neck. You started to breathe softly, and after I understood that you encouraged me to take the lead, I continued with our little game.

Your eyes were closed, and you enjoyed our caressing. Your hand was between my legs, trying to pull my panties, but I’ve surprised you. I wasn’t wearing pants, and the access to my already wet pussy was very easy.

As your fingers were caressing me, I started to feel that joy and passion that I was missing. The atmosphere was hot, and the fact that there were other guests made it even more desirable. But we didn’t care if they were staring or enjoying their view.

Giving hot kisses and touches, I cumed softly, trying to be quiet and not to bring attention to us. But you couldn’t resist seeing me cuming, and wanted to be pleased as I was. You took my hand and suggested going into the ladies’ room. There we could enjoy our little sexy game, giving you that loud orgasm that you had soon as I started to give you oral sex. That wasn’t enough. We wanted more and decided to continue our sexy night till the morning hours.