The day I met her was one of those days I didn’t want to meet anyone and be with anyone. My heart was broken, I couldn’t love someone new, and all I wanted at that moment was to watch amateur lesbian porn, especially homemade porn, and be sorry for you and myself. But watching those porn movies made me feel like myself and made me feel more alive.

But that day I saw the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Those tremendous and sexy lips were only for tasting and soft biting, and I thought that I could fall in love the minute when I kissed them.

Your white dress emphasized your curves, giving a perfect look to your soft skin and small but perfectly shaped boobies.

When you took my hand in a handshake, I felt something strange, some passion that I had never felt before, and I knew that I had to have you.

You turned something on in me, lit the fire between my loins, and I could not resist your charm.

I recognized that you felt the same, and that encouraged me to ask for your number and invite you to go out.

That night we were out, and I felt more alive than ever. It was me again, the girl that wanted to be adventurous and the girl that loved to party. My makeup was perfect. I decided to wear that brown leather boots that were a perfect match for my petite little dress, making me not so naked as I actually was.

When you saw me, you had a smile from ear to ear. But you also were looking stunning into that silk jumpsuit, giving such a beautiful look to your perfectly toned booty and legs.

We ordered margaritas, cheered for our new friendship, and we enjoyed it. You were undressing me with your eyes, I could see that your desire to have me was through the roof, and luckily I was ready to start something new after a long time.

Your soft skin that was glowing under the bar’s lights made me give you a wet kiss on your neck. You started to breathe softly, and after I understood that you encouraged me to take the lead, I continued with our little game.

Your eyes were closed, and you enjoyed our caressing. Your hand was between my legs, trying to pull my panties, but I’ve surprised you. I wasn’t wearing pants, and the access to my already wet pussy was very easy.

As your fingers were caressing me, I started to feel that joy and passion that I was missing. The atmosphere was hot, and the fact that there were other guests made it even more desirable. But we didn’t care if they were staring or enjoying their view.

Giving hot kisses and touches, I cumed softly, trying to be quiet and not to bring attention to us. But you couldn’t resist seeing me cuming, and wanted to be pleased as I was. You took my hand and suggested going into the ladies’ room. There we could enjoy our little sexy game, giving you that loud orgasm that you had soon as I started to give you oral sex. That wasn’t enough. We wanted more and decided to continue our sexy night till the morning hours.