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MMS sex is always a good idea

Experimenting in our sex life was always a good idea, especially when we were bored and tried to find inspiration watching MMS XXX videos or indian porn. This kind of sex gave us lots of pleasure when it was mixed with pain and pleasure.

Your passion was addictive; you always were ready to take action, take the lead, and enjoyed watching me raw, begging for orgasm, and moaning loudly when I would reach it.

We decided to expand our MMS techniques this weekend, and we were ready to try something new.

After a couple of good red wines, which was always our best aphrodisiac, you took my hand, turned me around, and took that silk eye patch. Then, covering my eyes to help me be more sensitive to your touch and game, you took me somewhere that I could sense it was our playroom for tonight.

After a couple of minutes, we were in our playroom. You took the eye patch from my eyes, and I was stunned when I saw the atmosphere.

Our apartment that we used to live in before was rented to us again to recreate it in our sexy nest. I was happy that we were here again. It reminded me of our sexy games, lots of passion, and lots of love. You could not wait to continue with our sex game and put me down to my knees. The atmosphere was hot, we were excited, and we both knew that the night would be long and hot. Your sexy body was next to mine, begging for hot touch and lots of wet kisses. Finally, you took my hand and placed it to your erected cock. I loved your cock, that enormous friend that always made me feel satisfied and loved.

Then I knew that you would love to play the role of submissive girl that would make all of your wishes come true. You pulled your leather pants through your knees and directed your aroused cock to my hungry for its mouth. I started to lick it slowly and suck its beautiful pink head while you controlled the tempo with your hand.

Your breath was heavy, excited, and I could feel that you wanted to cum inside of my mouth. With every movement, I could feel that hot semen is cuming, slowly and it will be a lot.

Then, surprisingly stopped and told me to stand up and put my big erected cock in my wet vagina. Of course, I didn’t expect that, but I liked the idea. I couldn’t wait to feel you inside me, to fill me with your hot semen, and to moan loud when we would both cum.

You were penetrating in me, hard, like never before, I could feel you ripping my uterus, but I loved it. I lived for you, your cock, and the orgasms that you can give me. When I closed my eyes and enjoyed that hot atmosphere, you warned me that you were going to burst into orgasm, and that made me even hornier. Then, finally, we both cumed with lots of pleasure, breathing heavily.

My First Gay Sex Experience

My name is John and in high school, I had a best friend, Dave. We were on the football team together and our lives revolved around football. The majority of our life in high school was spent doing something related to football. After practice today, Dave invited me over to his home for dinner. On our way to his home, he began to describe the teen gay porn videos he watched on free sex videos the night before. To him, it was the most passionate porn video he has ever watched and he was looking for someone to try out all he watched it.

Up until now, I have never been with another guy buy for some reason I can’t explain, I wanted to know how gay sex felt like. So when we finally got to his home, he took me to his bedroom, bolted the door, and started by making me watch the porn video. A few minutes into the porn video I had a boner. He laughed and turned off the video. He then slowly approached me and began to kiss me. As he kissed me something in me awakened and I began to unbutton his trousers so I could feel his dick. As my hands touched his dick, it got even harder and I knew this night was going to be beyond my wildest dreams. He laid me on the bed and took out his hard cock from his silk underwear. I thought to myself maybe it was time for him to fuck me but no. He used his fingers to open my lips after which he slid his cock into my mouth. It was the first time I had a dick in my mouth but it certainly was not the last. He fucked my face repeatedly till he choked me with his cock. He whispered into my ears and asked if I wanted him to stop. I looked into his eyes and told him no. He smiled and began to kiss and caress my body. While he kissed me, I pushed him on his back and began to eat and lick his ass. I spread his ass and shoved my cock into his ass. I fucked his ass till he felt my cum inside his ass. He looked at me and then instructed me to make him cum. So I grabbed his cock and started to give him a sensual handjob and when that did not work, I began to give him a blowjob.

The more I sucked his cock, the closer he got to bursting cum into my mouth. So he stopped his dick from reaching orgasm as long as he could but my blowjob skills were just too hot to handle. So sprayed cum into my mouth and made me clean his dick with my mouth. It was over, we just had our first gay sex and it was awesome. He kept staring at me as I put on my clothes.

The girl that I will never forget

The day I met her was one of those days I didn’t want to meet anyone and be with anyone. My heart was broken, I couldn’t love someone new, and all I wanted at that moment was to watch amateur lesbian porn, especially homemade porn, and be sorry for you and myself. But watching those porn movies made me feel like myself and made me feel more alive.

But that day I saw the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Those tremendous and sexy lips were only for tasting and soft biting, and I thought that I could fall in love the minute when I kissed them.

Your white dress emphasized your curves, giving a perfect look to your soft skin and small but perfectly shaped boobies.

When you took my hand in a handshake, I felt something strange, some passion that I had never felt before, and I knew that I had to have you.

You turned something on in me, lit the fire between my loins, and I could not resist your charm.

I recognized that you felt the same, and that encouraged me to ask for your number and invite you to go out.

That night we were out, and I felt more alive than ever. It was me again, the girl that wanted to be adventurous and the girl that loved to party. My makeup was perfect. I decided to wear that brown leather boots that were a perfect match for my petite little dress, making me not so naked as I actually was.

When you saw me, you had a smile from ear to ear. But you also were looking stunning into that silk jumpsuit, giving such a beautiful look to your perfectly toned booty and legs.

We ordered margaritas, cheered for our new friendship, and we enjoyed it. You were undressing me with your eyes, I could see that your desire to have me was through the roof, and luckily I was ready to start something new after a long time.

Your soft skin that was glowing under the bar’s lights made me give you a wet kiss on your neck. You started to breathe softly, and after I understood that you encouraged me to take the lead, I continued with our little game.

Your eyes were closed, and you enjoyed our caressing. Your hand was between my legs, trying to pull my panties, but I’ve surprised you. I wasn’t wearing pants, and the access to my already wet pussy was very easy.

As your fingers were caressing me, I started to feel that joy and passion that I was missing. The atmosphere was hot, and the fact that there were other guests made it even more desirable. But we didn’t care if they were staring or enjoying their view.

Giving hot kisses and touches, I cumed softly, trying to be quiet and not to bring attention to us. But you couldn’t resist seeing me cuming, and wanted to be pleased as I was. You took my hand and suggested going into the ladies’ room. There we could enjoy our little sexy game, giving you that loud orgasm that you had soon as I started to give you oral sex. That wasn’t enough. We wanted more and decided to continue our sexy night till the morning hours.

Milf lover and hot milf sex

I have always admired a pretty woman that was taking care of their looks and her manners. That kind of woman was my turn-on, and I was ready for action every time when I was in their company. But it was not easy to find some of them, a woman who is prepared for enjoying a one-night stand and getting pleased all night long. That is why I often loved to watch skinny milf sex on the sites with free porn videos online.

But that night, I remembered that I had a number of that sexy neighbor that was always teasing me when she was in her yard, always giving me sexy looks and telling me with her eyes that she wanted me and was waiting to make a move.

So I decided to call her and ask for her husband, in case he is home; if not, I would invite her to drinks.

When she picked up her phone, she wasn’t surprised when she heard that I was calling her. She was expecting me to call, but it was a timely matter. Tonight her husband was out; she was all alone, bored, and wanted some action. She couldn’t resist my invitation for drinks, and she was in front of my door in a second.

She looked stunning. Her sexy curvy body was dressed into skinny jeans, emphasizing her nice big butt, and she looked sexy as hell in that tiny silk blouse that gave the best look at her enormous tits. I couldn’t wait to touch them, lick them and play with them. But, the night was long, and I offered her my best wine that I was saving for a special occasion. She accepted the glass, looking at me fiercely and inviting me to take the lead. Finally, I had the courage to start a sexy conversation, telling her how turned on I was and saying all the sexy stuff I wanted to do to her. She started to moan just from listening to me, wanting more, and she began to touch herself and caress her big breasts. Then, taking my hand and putting it in the direction that leads to her aroused clitoris, she started the game.

I gave her wet kisses to her saucy lips, licked her neck, and started to caress her nipples. They were huge, but I felt that I was the right person that knew how to play with them. My other hand was stimulating her clitoris, and she moaned softly from pleasure. She was over the moon, telling me not to stop, and telling me how much she wanted to feel my erected cock inside of her. But before getting her and satisfying her with my penis, I wanted to fill that velvet pussy with my fingers and tongue. So I started to use my famous oral tactic, and she cummed into the exact second I touched her. Her juices were generous, a lot, and hot. That night I gave her lots of orgasms, and we agreed to have drinks every other night, whether her husband was home or not.

My bar lover

All I ever wanted is to have a one-night stand with a man with big cocks. Yes, it is true that size matters, and it was not a coincidence that I’ve always trying to find that kind of guy. I often enjoyed watching free sex videos with actors that are blessed with big cocks. Tonight I am ready to go hunting in the nearest bar for that kind of man. I am prepared to be flawless, sexy and my perfectly exercised seductive look is ready to be shown.

I go to the bar, alone with no one else. My perfectly made makeup is emphasising my eyes and lips, ready to feel his gifted parts. My hair is down to my shoulders, and the red dress I am wearing perfectly shapes my body. I am willing to burst into someone’s arms tonight. While I am drinking my glass of rose wine, I see this hot guy in the corner of the bar. He is undressing me with his eyes while talking with some friends.

He is tall, strong, and has nice hands. The hands of a man are always a sign of his sexuality and gifted parts. He nice long fingers and I think that I have the winner for tonight. He is looking at me with his beautiful big green eyes, and I am deciding to give him a sign to join me. He understands me well and, in a minute, is behind me.

He is giving me compliments about my hair and dress; he is ordering one more glass of rose wine for me and scotch on rocks for him. He has an incredible smile, his sense of humor is outstanding, and the night passed quickly and with lots of fun.

After having a couple of drinks, I am inviting him to my apartment. He is gorgeous, and I am already having my hands on his penis. My assumption about his penis was correct. He is significant even when he is not aroused. Our game begins in the elevator. I am horny as hell, and I can feel that he is feeling the same. He has the most perfectly shaped and toned booty, and his torso is outstanding. We enter my apartment, ready for action. He is licking my neck and starts to caress every inch of my body. I am beginning to moan, softly and I can feel his satisfaction.

His penis is prepared to be tasted. It is in my hand, in my mouth. I love to lick that skin like velvet and give him please as he never imagined. But he wants to fill me his liquid. He is suddenly in my booty, I am overwhelmed with pleasure, and my moaning is louder and louder. The orgasms are starting to come in waves, one by one, every each of them stronger and longer. I am enjoying this man. Our liquids were everywhere, he finished inside of me, and everything we want after the first round is to continue with some more pleasure all night long.


Spring fling with my gay lover

My friend and I were messing around together in a so-called relationship for a long time. He was my best friend, and I knew he has feelings for me, but I all I was doing every time he tried to express them I had some new guy in my life.

This spring was the perfect time when the two of us were free, and maybe we could’ve started something more serious about ourselves. One perfectly sunny weekend, I asked him to come to my home, to hang around and maybe talk about us. But I had one crazy idea. I wanted to show him some video xxx, and perhaps we could watch some amateur gay porn.  

That would be our turn-up point where we could feel each other’s bodies and express our feelings. He is confirming his presence at my house, and he sounded confident more than ever.

When he came, my porn was ready for watching, and I was hornier than ever. He was stunning. Wearing that shirt that I bought for him for his birthday last month, he looked so hot. He was tense, and all I wanted was to relieve him. I suggested watching some video that I prepared for us, and he agreed so quickly. That amateur gay boys were young, horny, and sexy. I noticed his reaction when I played the video. He was surprised but also excited that something interesting is happening between us. As the boys enjoyed, we started to enjoy too. He began by kissing my neck and slowly touching the lower parts of my body. His erection was noticeable, and as I began to touch him, his excitement started to grow.

The boys in the video were in the middle of their game when he encouraged himself to start to undress me. He licked my body, beginning from my neck, down to my fully erected penis. My eyes gave him a sign that I want him and want to speed up our foreplay. I really liked his mind-blowing technique for a blowjob, and I was ready to give me pleasure as always, and I was prepared to enjoy more than ever.

I cumed a lot of times, and it was his turn. The video with those hot young guys was still on; they had a blast, which spiced up the atmosphere. His huge penis was in my mouth, and I started to give him a blowjob. He was trying not to be loud and hide his excitement, but his eyes were giving him up. His orgasm hit very fast. But I didn’t stop.

I loved his liquids to be blown in my mouth, and I wanted to show my satisfaction from seeing him orgasming from another round of blowjob. In a minute, he was ready for one more action. He cumed for a second and a third time that night, and his happiness that we were together for the night was showing to his face. This night was a mind-blowing experience for both of us and a wake-up call that our friendship has to end, or we should try to be together!

Late night summer sex

It was a hot summer night when my friends suggested going to the beach and enjoy in some late-night swimming. Of course, I agreed, he was going to be there as well, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try to seduce him. I started to prepare myself earlier that day and found that bathing suit that looks stunning on my body, covering just half of my big tits and tiny panties that gave the best look to my booty.

The night has come, and I was already horny from the free porn videos online that I’ve watched earlier that day and were part of my preparation. My friend was waiting outside for me, and she was looking gorgeous too and ready to party. We went to the beach, and he was there. Already naked and his muscles were looking even better than ever. He obviously was working at the gym because he knew that I love boys that are strong and sexy at the same time. When he saw that I arrived, his eyes were burning from desire and passion. He already liked my body in his mind. It was fun at the beginning, we danced, swam and drank lots of alcohol, but all I wanted was to be with him.

After taking the courage to invite him to have a drink, he said that he was waiting for me all night long to kiss me and he couldn’t wait anymore. We were at a safe distance from the group when he kissed me and started to touch my body slowly. I was horny, he was excited too, and all I wanted is to be completely naked in that second and have his dick in my pussy. He read my mind and didn’t wait. But he stopped for a second and started to lick and kiss my big tits. He enjoyed and began to penetrate between them. I also appreciated that fabulous feeling and view, and it lasted for a couple of minutes, but for me much longer when I had my big tits covered in cum.

I was going to cum just from that, but I wanted to feel him inside of me. He started to penetrate in me, at the beginning slowly, but I lead him with my dirty talking. He was very profound and really knew what he is doing. I cumed really fast in the first round. He was satisfied that he gave me that pleasure. It was his turn, he was impressed by my big tits, and he was aroused at the exact minute he was looking at them.

Our second round began very fast. He gave me a mind-blowing orgasm with oral sex. I gave him an orgasm while he was playing again with my big tities, and I reached orgasm as well, while he stimulated them with his hands.

Our summer night was even hotter, and we were all covered in liquids and sweat, but we didn’t care at all. The beach was empty when we finished with our little game, and we ended that night with little swimming and another round of sex in the sea.

Passionate sex with my lover

He always enjoyed a good handjob. He didn’t have some weird fetishes, but he loved handjobs and footjobs as well. We were in a relationship on and off for a long time now, and we were in a fight this time. Of course, I was hornier than ever, trying to satisfy myself with watching Indian porn and my best buddy these days- one little vibrator he chose for me.

I was giving little pleasure in a different room when he wasn’t there, but that night he came earlier at home and caught me just at the same minute I had an orgasm. He was stunned by that view; I could feel it, which was shown to his face.

Suddenly he forgot about our previous fight and stormed into the room, kissing me passionately and trying to start foreplay, some wild and sweaty sex party. I know what he was waiting for, to get his erected dick in my hands and give him the most wanted sucking. But instead of that, he started to lick my pussycat with such a hunger that made orgasms came and go wildly. I know that he wanted to see my performance and my ideally experienced moves for handjob or footjob. I started to caress him over his chest, arms, and torso with my freshly manicured foot. He enjoyed. He grabbed my foot and started to lick it softly, and while moaning, he began to masturbate with his free hand. I enjoyed the view and tried to show him some new footjob skills I learned while we were mad.

I always knew that we are meant for each other, even when we were mad and not talking. The passion and tension for love felt in the air, even if we didn’t talk to each other. However, I decided that it would not be a mistake if I learned and tried to improve my sexy skills, and the results were terrific. He enjoyed it while I played with his huge cock with my one foot, and he was kissing the other one, along with every inch of my leg. He cummed once and decided that it is time to include my little buddy a chance and make the atmosphere hotter than it already was. . My vibrator was to my clitoris. He first started to masturbate my already wet and covered in juices pussy with his long fingers. I didn’t have to wait too long. My orgasm hit me strong, and the sensation was all over my body. He was smiling with satisfaction while he was seeing me cumming.

He penetrated softly and grabbed my boobs because he knew that that was my turning and hot point. While I was moaning, I encouraged him to moan with me, which could lead to our synchronized orgasms. And yeah, that was so good, but he tried to slow it down so that way I could cum first. I didn’t want to wait to cum; I couldn’t wait for him. My orgasm was intense; it came in waves, my whole body was stunned. And then he burst inside me, I could feel the hot liquid in my pussy, and that was the pass that the second round would come in a minute.

Office place fantasy

I’ve worked in a marketing agency, and I was the director of marketing. My job was stressful and filled with lots of tension, but I loved it, and I wanted to succeed in my career. I was working on a project with a hot, single colleague, and he was always trying to give me a sign that he liked me too. 

After work, I would often go home, go to, and have an after-work party with myself. Those Hindi actors reminded me of him, and I couldn’t resist masturbating while thinking of him. He was hot, had beautiful, sincere eyes, and a smile that would make any girl fall in love with him. 

When I was thinking of him and started masturbation to him, it crossed my mind that maybe I should stay at work with him someday and try to seduce him. Perhaps I could have a chance to see his gorgeous body, his toned muscles, and his penis, which I expect to be huge. One day I noticed that I am starting to wear clothes that are sexy, emphasizing my breasts, and I was really sexy. I saw him that he enjoys the look to my boobs, and he wanted to touch them and feel them. Lots of girls were competing with each other, but he had eyes just for me. We were working late that night, and I was really horny. I took the courage to tell him that I want him right there. He was not surprised, and he said to me that he wanted me to. 


He started to kiss me with such a passion that I never felt before and expected. He turned me on more than I ever was. He was so hot, I wanted to rip all his clothes off him and get into action. He read my mind. My new silk blouse was on the floor at the very minute I started to moan softly. He put me on the desk, and he spread my legs to have access to my already wet pussy. My panties were down to the floor, my tities were in his hands; he started to stimulate my nipples so good that I was close to orgasm. He began to finger me with his left hand, and he had insanely good technique.

My moaning became louder and louder, and I could feel that he is satisfied with what he was doing to me. I was out of my mind; I orgasmed loud and heavy. I felt like I am in heaven, and I found my Prince Charming. His dick was in full erection, significant, and ready to penetrate in me. I couldn’t imagine that he would be this good. He entered in me and filled me like no one before. I had a second orgasm at the same time he started to penetrate and wanted more. That night I orgasmed a couple of times. He had orgasms, and his juices were all over my- to my booty, my boobies, and in my mouth. 


The reality was even better than I’ve imagined when I masturbated. So we definitely should repeat that and never talked about it at work.  

Let’s talk about Asa Akira

Asa Akira is an American pornographic actress, adult film director and author, who was born on 3 January 1986 in Manhattan, New York.

Enough information about her life, let’s start talking about the most interesting part of her life, which is her career in pornography. To begin, I’d like to start with a few words that this naughty girl said, which sounds like: If I had never done porn, I would’ve looked backed and regretted it forever.

Anyway besides this naughty part of herself, Asa is also a very funny girl. That reminds me of an interview of her when she was asked what kind of music she likes to listen when she’s being fucked and her answer was hilarious. She said that she doesn’t really fuck to music a lot but there was one time when a guy fucked her like prison-style while Adele played in the background and she said ironically speaking that it was super romantic.

Asa Akira is also called “Anal Queen”, and if this make you curious about her, you can check out her work, you won’t regret.

Asa it’s the kind of girl that you want to watch, on a Friday night when you are alone and horny. Asa Akira glory hole are one of the best videos you will see on the internet.

I think that at least once in our lives we looked at someone’s face and said to ourselves something like “His or her face looks like begging to be fucked”. Well, Asa’s face it’s the perfect example for what I just said. You look into her eyes and the next minute, your imagination starts working and thinking about all the scenes you’ve ever seen with Asa Akira fucked hard, making you wanna be part of it.

We all know or now that I’m gonna tell you, you’ll know, that, Asa is a big fan of anal sex. Knowing that, aren’t you curious what’s that craziest thing that she has ever had in her ass hole? I bet you are. Well her ass hole saw closely a chinese harmony ball. I can tell that she must’ve been very peaceful at that moment, she probably found the perfect balance.

There are lots of fun facts about Asa and I only told you a few, but let’s continue with her hilarious experiences.

We always see the final video and that’s beautiful, but, have you ever wondered what’s happening on set or aren’t you curious to see some funny stuff behind the scenes? Well I find out about the funniest thing that ever happened to Asa on set. And it’s funny from Asa’s point of view and I think from ours too.

To sum up, I would like to ask you all what do you think Asa answered when she was asked to name one musician she wants to fuck? We all probably thought that she would choose a guy, but surprise! Her answer was Taylor Swift, because as she said, she wants to make her fall in love with her and make a song about her. Crazy, funny girl!

These are all the interesting things that I wanted to share with you, about Asa. I hope that this article managed to satisfy your need of information.