I’m Well Equipped, and I Still Enjoy Porn

One of the biggest sources of worry for many guys on the whole wide world is their size. I’m not talking about their height (though that’s a common complex among some guys too) I’m talking about the size of your dick. Science has proven time and time over that ladies don’t seem to mind the size of your cock as long as you know how to use it and that’s true for many people out there. I’m not concerned about that because I was blessed with a big dick since birth and I noticed in my teens how my sex life would go when I caught a lady classmate noticing the bulge in my pants.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my cock is a source of pride to some extent. I don’t look down on other guys, and I don’t brag about it because I love the surprise element it brings with the ladies that give me the time of day when they go to bed with me. Most of them have never seen big cocks out of porn movies; they get shocked and quickly turned on when they see mine. It’s a like switch is flipped on their heads, they can’t stop their hands, and they get down to suck on it as soon as I get hard, it’s the best feeling on earth.

Living a Quiet and Happy Life with a Big Dick

The days I get to spend on my own, I usually watch porn to rub one out. It’s been almost a ritual since I was a teen to get off at least once a day. I need a lot of lotion, but that is not a problem. My porn search as you can imagine is always about girls getting punished by large cocks. It’s always arousing to see in their faces if they can take it in. Most of these girls can’t handle one. A guy named Shane Diesel is my hero, he has taken on nearly every girl worth having in porn, and only a couple have been able to take the whole thing without screaming like crazy. The guy also taught me how to handle myself using some Indian sex positions to make the girls more comfortable.

I can’t explain my feelings about this, but I don’t feel sorry for having the equipment I have. It’s what my dear old mum gave me when she gave birth, and I’m making sure to use it as much as I can before I get old. I love sex, and I don’t feel any guilt about making women happy with my big dick. The feeling of penetrating a woman’s pussy is the best when the tip of my dick reaches her cervix; most of them never knew a cock could reach up there. Most of them can’t overcome the feeling, and that’s why I spend a lot of nights in a good company. I’m on the call for all of them. There are also the ones who get scared but keep enough courage to try it again. Those are the best ones. It’s not a bad life, and it’s all thanks to my dick.