After work thrill with my boyfriend

My partner enjoyed having sex. I couldn’t imagine having a boyfriend who will be obsessed with sex, having lots of sexual energy, and such a wild spirit. While I was trying to satisfy his needs, I realized that before bed, he watched porn and enjoyed watching Indian pornstars learning new techniques and always surprising me with what he learned.

One night I came from work, and I saw him waiting for me naked on the sofa in our living room.

His handsome body was all tense and excited, and looking so hot made me undress as soon as possible.

He started licking my neck and kissed me so passionately, which made me horny and burned the flames between my loins. His huge penis was in my hand, and I started to give him a handjob. That was our way of foreplay and ended with oral sex when he would finish to my body or into my mouth. But this time, he wanted to finish inside of me. While giving him a handjob, he started to caress my booty, going up through my body and stopped to my titis. I was wet and wanted to start having sex right away, but he enjoyed our little play, so I assumed he would like to give me an orgasm touching my whole body and licking my erotic zones. My hand was still on his huge penis, but he stopped me and started to lick my wet vagina. I closed my eyes and started to moan a little soft to the begging and a little louder as he moved his tongue, writing letters to my clitoris. It was perfect. Those were some new techniques that he learned that afternoon, and he wanted to show me.

Suddenly I burst into orgasm, and I saw that he was enjoying much more watching me while I was achieving it. That aroused him much more. It was my turn to satisfy him, and I started licking his long and beautiful penis. He enjoyed, started to breathe louder, and controlled the tempo with his hand. I knew that he will cum, but he stopped. Then, he turned me to a doggy position and started to penetrate into me. I was filling with joy, excitement, and happiness. His penis pulsed inside of me, and that made me even more horny and wet. Our juices were mixed together, and we had an extraordinary experience, having the time of our life.

My orgasm was harder, and I was louder than the first one while I came. He was trying not to cum, and wanted me to have more and more. My body was burning into desire and love. I orgasmed harder and louder, doesn’t carry if our neighbors are listening through the walls. I knew that my loud moaning will make him hornier, and he cum inside of me so intense and a lot. We were happy, loved each other, and that Indian pornography helped us enjoy and expand our sex life.