Late night summer sex

It was a hot summer night when my friends suggested going to the beach and enjoy in some late-night swimming. Of course, I agreed, he was going to be there as well, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try to seduce him. I started to prepare myself earlier that day and found that bathing suit that looks stunning on my body, covering just half of my big tits and tiny panties that gave the best look to my booty.

The night has come, and I was already horny from the free porn videos online that I’ve watched earlier that day and were part of my preparation. My friend was waiting outside for me, and she was looking gorgeous too and ready to party. We went to the beach, and he was there. Already naked and his muscles were looking even better than ever. He obviously was working at the gym because he knew that I love boys that are strong and sexy at the same time. When he saw that I arrived, his eyes were burning from desire and passion. He already liked my body in his mind. It was fun at the beginning, we danced, swam and drank lots of alcohol, but all I wanted was to be with him.

After taking the courage to invite him to have a drink, he said that he was waiting for me all night long to kiss me and he couldn’t wait anymore. We were at a safe distance from the group when he kissed me and started to touch my body slowly. I was horny, he was excited too, and all I wanted is to be completely naked in that second and have his dick in my pussy. He read my mind and didn’t wait. But he stopped for a second and started to lick and kiss my big tits. He enjoyed and began to penetrate between them. I also appreciated that fabulous feeling and view, and it lasted for a couple of minutes, but for me much longer when I had my big tits covered in cum.

I was going to cum just from that, but I wanted to feel him inside of me. He started to penetrate in me, at the beginning slowly, but I lead him with my dirty talking. He was very profound and really knew what he is doing. I cumed really fast in the first round. He was satisfied that he gave me that pleasure. It was his turn, he was impressed by my big tits, and he was aroused at the exact minute he was looking at them.

Our second round began very fast. He gave me a mind-blowing orgasm with oral sex. I gave him an orgasm while he was playing again with my big tities, and I reached orgasm as well, while he stimulated them with his hands.

Our summer night was even hotter, and we were all covered in liquids and sweat, but we didn’t care at all. The beach was empty when we finished with our little game, and we ended that night with little swimming and another round of sex in the sea.