MMS sex is always a good idea

Experimenting in our sex life was always a good idea, especially when we were bored and tried to find inspiration watching MMS XXX videos or indian porn. This kind of sex gave us lots of pleasure when it was mixed with pain and pleasure.

Your passion was addictive; you always were ready to take action, take the lead, and enjoyed watching me raw, begging for orgasm, and moaning loudly when I would reach it.

We decided to expand our MMS techniques this weekend, and we were ready to try something new.

After a couple of good red wines, which was always our best aphrodisiac, you took my hand, turned me around, and took that silk eye patch. Then, covering my eyes to help me be more sensitive to your touch and game, you took me somewhere that I could sense it was our playroom for tonight.

After a couple of minutes, we were in our playroom. You took the eye patch from my eyes, and I was stunned when I saw the atmosphere.

Our apartment that we used to live in before was rented to us again to recreate it in our sexy nest. I was happy that we were here again. It reminded me of our sexy games, lots of passion, and lots of love. You could not wait to continue with our sex game and put me down to my knees. The atmosphere was hot, we were excited, and we both knew that the night would be long and hot. Your sexy body was next to mine, begging for hot touch and lots of wet kisses. Finally, you took my hand and placed it to your erected cock. I loved your cock, that enormous friend that always made me feel satisfied and loved.

Then I knew that you would love to play the role of submissive girl that would make all of your wishes come true. You pulled your leather pants through your knees and directed your aroused cock to my hungry for its mouth. I started to lick it slowly and suck its beautiful pink head while you controlled the tempo with your hand.

Your breath was heavy, excited, and I could feel that you wanted to cum inside of my mouth. With every movement, I could feel that hot semen is cuming, slowly and it will be a lot.

Then, surprisingly stopped and told me to stand up and put my big erected cock in my wet vagina. Of course, I didn’t expect that, but I liked the idea. I couldn’t wait to feel you inside me, to fill me with your hot semen, and to moan loud when we would both cum.

You were penetrating in me, hard, like never before, I could feel you ripping my uterus, but I loved it. I lived for you, your cock, and the orgasms that you can give me. When I closed my eyes and enjoyed that hot atmosphere, you warned me that you were going to burst into orgasm, and that made me even hornier. Then, finally, we both cumed with lots of pleasure, breathing heavily.