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Gay Porn

Although many people that watch porn movies are heterosexual there are many gays that watch them too. Often gays will want to watch different porn movies from heterosexuals but that is not always the case. Plus, sometimes heterosexuals may watch gay movies.

This means that in order to try and reach a wider audience, porn producers will make a wide range of movies, some intended for heterosexual audiences and others specifically targeting gays, often referred to as porno gay movies. Many of the actors in these movies may however play either role and often do, depending on the script.


Regardless if a movie is intended for a gay audience or a heterosexual one, often the male star will be endowed with a big cock.

Many of the people that watch porno gay movies or normal porn movies are excited, or at least impressed, with a large penis but some people are more impressed with the stamina of the actors rather than with how well-endowed they may be. To this end most porn producers will prefer to use actors who are well endowed, but all their actors will need to have stamina and seem almost insatiable.

Regardless of whether the actor is well endowed or not, he will be required to have stamina and staying power, as he will be told when he can cum and when he shouldn’t. In fact many of the gay and other porn movies ensure they have excellent cum shots and so will need to know when exactly in the movie they will occur.

Not all porn movies need any cock at all though as one of the more popular genres feature no males, only females in lesbian roles. Even in those movies though a big cock is often replaced by a large toy of one type or another, and so size nearly always plays a role even if it is not always an actual cock.

Increased Popularity

Whilst gay movies may not be the most popular, they have in recent years gained in popularity. In just a few years leading up to 2016 gay movies increased in popularity by 45% and now constitute 3% of all porn movies watched. To meet this growing demand porn movie producers have had to increase their production of gay movies so as to offer an equal amount of choice as their regular porn movie watchers have.

Most porn sites will have a wide variety of porn movies both regular and gay but other porn sites will limit themselves to one type of porn, such as gay. Obviously this means that if you are only interested in gay movies, it will be quicker to find what you want by going to an exclusive site for those types of movies. If however, you are only interested in seeing a large penis, you can quickly see what you want by visiting any of the sites.

If of course you want gay and a large cock, you can always go to a gay site and type in huge cock.



Porn Sites

People go to porn sites for many different reasons or at least to see different types of action. This can sometimes lead them to confusion as there are so many different porn sites to choose from. Knowing which sites will excite their needs can save lots of needless surfing.


One site which is particularly known for transexual xxx porn for instance, is porn4. This means that if someone is looking for transsexual action, that is probably the first site they should go to before wasting time looking at others.

Whilst many transsexual people may have problems with their gender identity, by watching these types of movies you will see they have no problem in knowing how to use the anatomies they have.

Some transsexuals may have undergone hormone therapy or even surgery in order to actually become the gender they wish to be. Others however have not and so they only act the part of their desired gender.

This means that any site which features transsexual porn will have a varied and delightful assortment of scenarios. These scenarios can feature one or more transsexuals together or just one with a non-transsexual partner.

Regardless of the actors’ real genders or perceived genders they can always be relied on to perform to a high standard of porn action. Performing acts that will amaze you as well as acts you may expect, their actions will always excite you, leaving you no doubt you visited the correct site for your own personal pleasure.

Whether you seek transsexual action of male on male, female on female or multiple people of differing sexes, some sites have it all.

Popular Transsexual Porn

The most popular transsexual xxx porn features transsexual women either with other women or with men. This particular porn genre has become among the most watched in many different countries with it appearing the most popular in Brazil, Russia, Italy, Argentina and Spain. In the US this type of action has only reached the 12th most popular spot but continues to grow in popularity.

Popular Scenarios

Although all transsexual porn is becoming increasingly popular, the most popular scenario features two females, at least one of which is transsexual. This scenario is not just popular with transsexual or transgender audiences but also with heterosexual, male audiences. In fact porn sites have established that most of the viewers of transsexual porn are heterosexual men.

Why the Popularity?

Psychologists are inclined to believe that this popularity is due to many heterosexual men being aroused by a female who seems to have “something more”. This something more can refer to a transgender or transsexual female and their ability to sexual satisfy a woman or a man.


Regardless of your sexual gender or perceived gender, if you like to watch porn the chances are that you will enjoy transsexual action. This means that perhaps not every time but certainly often, you should visit porn4 and enjoy what you will find there.

Indy Amateurs Love Making Home Videos to Post them Online

Indian sex videos are a blast to watch. There is not much professionalism on them since most of the clips are from couples trying out amateur porn as a way to fulfill a fantasy, but they let you in on what real sex is like. Even so, there is a lot of daring stuff that can be found on these clips that can give you some great wanking material to get off to it.

A lot of the folks making these videos are just looking to make their sex life better by spicing things up. Amateur porn couples are all about making homemade porn and share the joy they get out of it. Most of the times things start in a bed or a couch with a half-naked woman playing with her pussy in front of a guy, you can see her sliding her hand under her underwear, to play with her clit as she gets totally wet. If the guy is assertive, we will totally jump in and go tongue- deep on her snatch.

As he goes down on her, he takes her clothes off, and she makes him take off his pants. These amateurs genuinely love an old fashion oral play, so it’s not hard to see a guy licking wet pink pussy like there is no tomorrow. Not everyone admits to it, but all of them love the taste. After he’s done, he will probably get one of the best sights to behold: his woman goes on all fours, and she sucks him off to the last drop. Men love this; women love doing it. They both indulge in sucking until they have to grasp for air.

The Art Form That is Porn

When the woman is daring and has a nice rack, she usually goes for a titty fuck to make that dick that will go inside her swell up until it0s rock hard and ready to pound her into submission. It never fails, when a hard dick meets a warm pussy is the best feeling in the world. As he slides his meat rod inside her, you will see them go wild, grunting and screaming of pleasure.  You can’t wrong with this sight, is the best thing in the world wherever you are watching a couple doing it or when you do it on your own.

If the guy wants more control, he will make her go all doggy style to pound her into submission. Women do like it rough when they are held down like this, so it’s not unusual to see the guy act like he’s possessed or something. Almost always, the women will be grateful if the man shows off how energetic he can be. They will even encourage it by asking them to go deeper and faster. When he’s finally spent, she can get on top of him.

This is the best view for most guys. Feeling her woman’s ass slapping against his groin as she moves up and down on top of his dick it’s something else, but getting to watch her bouncing tits will make them go even harder and shot a load with all the strength they have left. After that, they both will lay to rest, gathering strength to go another round. Sex and porn are undoubtedly the best things ever.

Coming Out – And Then Coming In-And-Out For The World To See

Being a gay man in today’s society isn’t an easy thing. Sure, the times where they would consider us pitchfork material has passed, but we aren’t exactly accepted by the society as much as we’d like to. I don’t like doing this, but I have to get it off of my chest somehow. The internet is the best place to go with your deepest, darkest secrets and desires. You might stop me right there and tell me that’s all a bunch of crap, but the truth is – there isn’t a better place for airing your dirty laundry. You can say anything – and I mean absolutely anything in the world to the millions of strangers across the globe, and not even one of them is going to cause your life to change.

I couldn’t be who I am

Where I live, being gay is still a well-guarded secret. Obviously, to my online friends and fuck-buddies, I am openly gay and no one has an issue with it. So, to keep things from getting out of hand, I am dating a girl. Just to make my parents and neighbors believe to themselves that I turned out okay. I still did, mind you, they just can’t accept it for some reason. Anyhow, the reason I am telling you all of this is very simple. At first, to satisfy my own curiosities and cravings, I sought out gay porn in an abnormal amount. My girlfriend was fine with it for the most of the time. But there came a point in time where I realized it wasn’t going to be enough.

We tried to make it work

My girlfriend was surprisingly flexible. She even agreed to let me fuck her in the ass so I can feel closer towards what I’m looking for. Even that didn’t help. At the end of the day, she wasn’t a strong, muscular, well-hung man, or a skinny pale-ass twink, and I just didn’t get off to her. I knew that I was going to hurt her if I told her we should break things off, but at the same time, I would be hurting myself if I stayed in a relationship with her. So, I tried to do the best possible thing for us both, by sleeping with guys without her knowing. I’d often film myself fucking or getting fucked so I can get off to it when I’m horny and I can’t find a guy to get laid with. I had all of those videos on my phone.

The happy ending!

That was probably my biggest mistake. At one point, she found all of those hot vids and decided she’d upload them to pornotumblr, to spite me. I thought for a moment there that my life would be over since everyone would find out just who I really am in the most privacy-invasive way imaginable. The Boy was I wrong! Turns out the word didn’t spread and the only thing I gained from the website is a ton of guys calling me and asking if they can hook up! It’s a great place to meet potential fuck buddies!



The Ultimate Guide: Sex Adventure with A Super Model

Hours before a date with the hottest Indian woman you’ve ever met and you know there is gonna be action. The restaurant part is covered, but what about the bedroom part? Are you ready to walk that extra mile to satisfy her in bed? I mean really rock her world, so she comes back for more, over and over again! Here are some pro tips that can help you make the most of everything.

Educate Yourself

Wanna know what works most for super-hot Indian women? Check out There are tons of great MMS XXX videos that will introduce you to a world of pleasure. A World that is all about pleasuring each other in a way that is acceptable for both parties.

The Most Important Rule

The greatest pleasure is not only to receive pleasure but to give as well. That’s the part to the ultimate orgasm and how you turn sex into something more. A sexually pleased woman will do anything and everything for her man, and that goes both ways. There is no replacement for great sex. No money or wealth can provide what a great and meaningful sex can do for your love life.

What Not to Do

Do not rush things. If you spend even little time watching MMS XXX Videos you will see that it is all about taking your time, the foreplay, the interaction, the body talk. Going hot and ending fast is not how you impress an Indian woman. Instead, opt for long foreplay, observe and react. Great foreplay is the foundation and key to a great sexual experience. All is lost without it.

Ask and Listen

Don’t be intimidated by a woman that knows her stuff. Some of the hottest Indian women know what they want from their men and are not shy to ask from them to do something. That is the only way for a super sexy woman to be tamed in bed. Show strength if she asks for it. Sometimes she will make her request explicit while other times she will be subtle in her ask. The point here is not to lose yourself in the moment. At least not early in the foreplay. If you are not sure, do ask her. Ask and apply. That’s also a sure way to an orgasm.

In Conclusion

Be yourself is somewhat of cliche advice. But being intimate with an Indian woman is all about being true to yourself. She will recognize your openness, and she will reward that with the best sex you ever had.

The guidelines above are not laws written in stone. They are there to make sure you perform at your best. One-night stand can lead to something more. Sometimes to a longer relationship, other times to an ongoing adventure with a super-hot woman. That is if you rock her world like no one else.







The Story About How I Discovered Persia Monir

You know one of the genres I love most in porn? MILFs. They drive me crazy like nothing else. I can spend the whole damn day looking at porn, but the minute I find a good looking MILF, I get stuck on that one. I even rub one out before going on with my day. Persia Monir is one of those stars that will make take a second look at her stuff since I love to see them do what they do best. Persia is a woman that looks straight out of an Indian porn film. Her facial features look foreign, but she is a fully-fledged American MILF that found the peak of her sexuality in her 50’s. Go figure.

Persia is all over the place, she has her own website, but she has done a lot of clips. If you are looking for something for a quick handjob you will surely find it. She’s very friendly when it comes to engaging her fans. From the things I got on the internet, she probably has fucked a few. She has also stated that she loves to fuck young guys until they are drained, something she can withstand with ease since she’s been an active athlete since her 20’s. Her body certainly has the curves to show it! Most of her scenes are done to please her fans. This woman clearly loves her fetishes.

My Trip to Discover Persia

My first exposure to Persia was a random clip that was making the rounds on a lot of sites. Probably because it was being promoted. In that scene, she was wearing nothing but a blue summer dress as she was taking a nap. A guy who never shows his face approaches her. He struggles for a bit to take a peek at her tits. He can’t stand it, and with a quick move, he releases those puppies in the air. It was a sight to behold. She comes out of her stupor and notices what is going on. At first, she acts kind of surprised, but after she notices the massive bulge in the guy’s pants, she gets in the mood as well. She extends her hand to reach that cock and stroke it until the guy is ready to cum.

There is another awesome clip making the rounds. In this one, she’s making a test run on fabrics with a fashion guy. The guys sure know how to act the part since masterfully strips Persia out of her clothes in the first 15 minutes of the clip. She shows off various pieces of clothing on her body until the fashion guys rub her pussy gently with his fingers. She lets him know how insanely wet she is, as he goes for his hard dick on his pants. She gulps down on that cock for a while until she’s dripping wet on the couch. That’s when she asks him to fuck her silly. We get to see the whole damn thing in the first person, and it’s fucking awesome until he shoots his load all over her.

This is why I Love Indian Amateur Porn

Let me begin my story by telling you the thing that drives me the most. As a western, I got a kink for exotic women. When it comes to porn, I rather enjoy the efforts done by an unknown in amateur porn instead of the staged scenes that many pornstars do. I really can’t put the finger on a solid reason that explains why I’m wired that way. It’s an acquired taste that it got latched on me for a good portion of my youth and I kept that kink well into my adulthood. Since I have an internet connection and porn is a thing on it, I have been hunting down the best clips of amateur Indian amateur porn I could find, and I have quite the collection to this day.

As I told you at the beginning, it’s very hard to explain why I love Indian porn. A friend asked me not so long ago about it, and I couldn’t offer a reason. After thinking about for a while, I decided to share my insight with the world instead of calling my friend and offer an awkward explanation about something he asked a couple of years ago. The first thing I notice about most of these amateur porn clips is how natural the women look. A lot of them are really beautiful, but nothing gets my gears going faster than a woman who has let nature do their thing when it comes to her beauty. I hate fake boobs, and very few of these amateur stars have them, if none at all.

The Whole Package As I See It

The other reason is the garments. Damn, I love a good Saree on a woman’s body. A lot of guys out there have a fetish for Asian women in Yukatas, but I fall hard for a woman wearing a Saree. It’s almost the perfect piece of clothing they can wear for everything they do, and it’s easy to take off. In most of these amateur clips, these women always pull up the lower half of the saree to fuck. It’s like a ready-to-fuck dress, and I find that hot and incredibly sexy. If you top the saree with the natural ornaments most of these women wear in their foreheads, fingers, and toes, you got a whole package of sexiness that is very hard to dismiss. At least for me!

Last but not least is the acting the part of it. Indian porn is not as elaborated as its American counterpart. The performers get together and fuck, that’s it! No fake teachers fucking students, no cuckoldry, no staged scenarios. It seems natural and much more real for me, as well as appealing. Amateur porn also shows that many of these women are very assertive when it comes to getting laid. They don’t let a guy run the show the whole nine yards, and they don’t go screaming incessantly in the entire scene making it seem fake. All in all, I guess it is an excellent package, and I wanted to let the world know why Indian porn can be genuinely an acquired taste.

My Finest Cup Of Hot Black Chocolate

Whoever said ‘Once you go black you can’t go back’ certainly had the right idea. It was always one of my fantasies to sleep with a black girl. Although there weren’t that many I knew, I certainly knew of ways to make it possible. I heard that they give the best blow jobs ever and that their sexual stamina is just out of this world. Only a fool would turn down something like this and I wasn’t about to. After watching so much real amateur porn starring black women, I made it my personal mission to meet one, date one and finally experience what it’s like to have one in bed.

It took some time

It turned out it wasn’t that easy to just meet them out of the blue. I tried going out to local bars and restaurants, hoping I’d catch a good glimpse. I failed to find one even remotely attractive. So, where are all of these hot black women hiding? I finally decided to go and get one of those dating apps. It was very easy to use, all you had to do was browse and choose. I knew I had a better chance of meeting a black girl ready to have sex by doing this, so I sent a few messages out, looking forward to any replies.

Everything I ever dreamed of

I finally met her. The black girl of my dreams was only a few hours away and I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to meet someone. Although I was afraid for a time that the pictures she used were fake, I still wanted to go and make sure that I finally found the one. Once I met her, she was everything I ever imagined she would be an even more. After a few drinks, I got a little more confident and finally asked if this was going anywhere. She told me to give it a few more hours and she would have a surprise for me. These are the words every man wants to hear from a mysterious woman promising sex.

It was a night to remember

I wondered what she was into. Maybe she was one of those dominatrix girls and she was going to make me her slave. Maybe she was a shemale, or maybe she was into pegging. Whatever she was into, it had to be good and I promised myself that I would definitely give it a chance. A few more drinks went down smoothly and she suggested that we should get going. She took me to her house and without beating around the bush too much, we made our first homemade ebony video together. It was wild and crazy and we met up a few more times to make a real collection of hot sex on tape. I still keep them and occasionally go back to watch some of them, just to remember how awesome it all was. A few months later, she reached out to me to let me know that she also uploaded them to the Internet. I unknowingly became quite a sensation, it turned out.

My First On-Camera Threesome I’ll Never Forget

My sex life was extremely rich for as long as I can remember. I’ve had the chance to nail just about anything that walked and for a while, that was the only thing that kept me going. There comes a time in your life when you get tired of the same old and you want to try out something entirely new. New levels of crazy and fresh sexual endeavors were just around the corner. For some reason, I just couldn’t make that last step and launch myself into new experiences. While I wanted to know what awaits, a part of me was worried that I might never feel fulfilled.

It wasn’t too twisted, after all

I started thinking about all of the twisted stuff I’ve ever seen in porn. I always wondered if the actors really enjoyed it or if they had to fake it. I didn’t even know where to start looking for my own big experience. Naturally, the first choice would be as many porn sites as I could find. For some reason, none of the videos I’ve seen sparked an interest inside of me. That was until I stumbled across this one amateur threesome porn video and realized that the truth of what I wanted out of my sex life was right in front of me all along. And it was so easy, too! It didn’t require months of preparation and looking for a partner who would be into it. All I needed was two girls that wanted to let loose and have a little fun.

It was easy from there on out

I knew just where to find at least one of those, and if she had a friend, my dream would only be coming true faster. I remembered that one of those porn sites I’ve been visiting frequently was slightly different. While it was definitely the home of the best free amateur porn I’ve ever had a chance to see, it also had a distinguished feature that set it apart from all of the other ones. This website allowed users to post their own videos and contact each other through the platform. I’ve had my eye on one girl that mostly shot girl-on-girl action, but has been known to record a few impressive videos with a couple of guys, as well.

It was unforgettable

I knew that as soon as I could get in touch with that girl, I could also get her to get a friend for me and finally get it on! I was only a quick message away from the most delightful experience in my entire life. And the best part was that the experience itself was only going to be a beginning of something much bigger and meaningful. After I finally met up with them, we shot our first threesome video. I was nervous because I never did something like that on camera. We agreed that it would be best to let the girl upload it under her account. The popularity of it blew up so much that we constantly got comments and personal messages asking for new videos and new shows!

When Lisa Ann Finally Fucks Danny D, Sparks Fly to the Sky!

Lisa Ann is one of the most fabulous fixtures in the porn industry. She’s been around for a while now, and she has done a lot of films. Most of us could masturbate to her clips and movies watching one differently for each day of the year without having to repeat one. And yet we keep coming back for more because this horny and beautiful cougar can’t stop fucking guys for our viewing pleasure. Lisa Ann started in porn back in 1994, and she’s been coming and going for a long time. She seems unable to quit, and we are glad that she keeps sharing her beautiful body with all of us. Most guys don’t have a clear idea of who she is because she made her mark in the industry back in 2008 when she made a parody porn film about Sarah Pallin the run mate of John McCain of the presidential election of those years.

If you take a look at Lisa Ann, you will understand right away what’s her appeal. She can switch from sweet and tender to a full-bitch mode in a matter of moments. She also is one of those versatile pornstars that does everything. She takes on guys and girls from all races and credos. She even fucks using every hole given to her by nature. Her clip with Danny d that you can find on most free online xxx movies sites is enough proof of this. This girl can take a cock, and she can make a short game of it regardless of its size. That’s what cougars do, and that’s why we love her. The clip I’m talking about is one of the hottest ones you can find with her. The pairing of Danny D Lisa Ann pays off big time, and it goes precisely the way you expect it from a guy with such a massive dong.