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Asa Akira – The Ultimate Queen of Porn

The name already echoes in the minds of many guys around the world. Asa Akira is one of those names that get drilled in our heads, and it doesn’t come off as easy as other stuff about pop culture. She’s the face of some of the most fantastic porn shots in the 2010s and is probably responsible for your Asian fetish. This girl was born an American but raised in Tokyo for a while, when she finally made it back to the USA she unleashed her inner sexuality and became one of the most amazing actresses in adult films that have ever existed. Her time is yet to come even with a staggering nine years in the porn industry, she’s barely 33 years old, and she still looks great.


The first clip I remember featuring Asa was one video she made for Nuru Massages, back in 2012. In those days it seems there was a fetish going on for these types of massages and this studio capitalized on it by having an actual Asian perform the massages on quite a few pornstars girls and men alike. Of course, this was only an excuse to have a beautiful Asian girl fucking the brains out of her so-called customers. Real Nuru massages are a bit more ceremonial, but Asa stood out on all of her clips because she had this amazingly curvy body in such a tiny frame, it was hard not to get off to that sight after looking at it for ten minutes.


Top Traits of a First Class Indian Porn Tube

The every raising demand for top Indian porn content is responsible for the hyperproduction of hundreds, if not thousands of new porn tubes. Unfortunately, quantity didn’t bring quality as most of the new sites are mediocre at the most. Here are some of the main traits of a first-class MMS XXX porn website.

Massive library of adult movies

The best Indian porn tubes have it all, from the classics to the newest titles, and all in between. Websites with limited content are simply not worth your time. Most porn lovers want to see the newest films, but at the same time, they will always want to go to the classics and rewatch some of their most favorite scenes and performers.

HD Movies

What’s the point of a massive library if most of them are in low resolution? Nowadays, even many of the classics are remastered and made in HD format. A great porn tube needs to have plenty of movies in high definition.

Mobile friendly

The best porn tubes have websites that are device responsive. Meaning no matter the device you are using (PC, smartphone, tablet), you get the same experience.


Top 5 Indian Pornstars Known across the Globe

Indian pornstars have been always in demand and desired, not just in India but worldwide. Some say it is because of their slender bodies, others think it is because of their soft brown skin, while most simply find them irresistible hot without any explicit reason. Whatever the reason they make both males and females horny as hell. To that end, we’ve made a list of what we think are the top five Indian pornstars that are world famous.

#1 Sunny Leone

Sunny is one of a kind, a true goddess. She has performed both in porn and mainstream movies. And in each one of them, she is an epiphany of sexual desire. She has won plenty of awards for her roles in porn movies and has worked with some of the most celebrated names in the porn industry. She is a true icon of porn, well beyond Indian borders. Her breasts are 34C and her big ass is 34.

#2 Destiny Deville

Destiny Deville is one of those Indian adult actresses that can be found on any list of best babes from India. She is well-known as Sunny and equally adored as her. She moved at the UK at an early age where she made her first steps in the adult industry. Even though she retired several years ago she left us with more than 80 movies, many of whom are award-winning adult movies. Her ass is 32, while her breasts are 34E. She might be retired, but for her fans, she is always there one or another way.


Everything About Free Online XXX Movies That You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Almost everyone loves free online xxx movies and finds great joy watching them. However, finding a hard fuck compilation is no easy thing. You can spend hours and hours through plenty of websites, yet you may come empty-handed. Here is how to find the best free online xxx movies fast and easy.

Google doesn’t like XXX Movies. Try This Instead…

Yup, Google might be good for everything else, but when it comes to porn websites and porn movies it sucks. It simply doesn’t provide the expected results and that’s proven both by experts on search engines and users. Instead, you might want to turn to search engines like Microsoft’s Bing or DuckDuckgo. They better understand porn-related queries and as a result, provide better results.

Traits of the Best Free XXX Websites

Once you come across the type of XXX website you are searching for you need to be able to recognize the best ones and avoid the ones that don’t make the cut. Here is how to distinguish the best from the mediocre ones.

Easy on the popup adds

So yes, all free xxx websites serve ads and there is no going around that. However, not all try to push ads every time you click on porn video. XXX websites with aggressive ads should be avoided as they mainly serve low-quality movies and are no fun at all. Not to mention that you will spend more time closing the adds than actually watching.


The amazing Jenna Sin

Hello dear fans,
This is one of the best Jenna Sin blogs around. Jenna’s a bad-punk rock woman from Wales and I’m sure that if you are here, it’s because you want to know some gossip and news about her. First of all let’s talk about her sizes, that helped her become a Pornstar! She is 5’ 7” tall and her weight is 146 lbs. Ops, I know that she has a lot of fans from Europe, so maybe I need to say that she is 170 cm tall and her weight is 66 kg. Her measurements are 34 top, 32 waistline and 43 bottom. And her bra size is cup C. Personally I love her tits, they are not too big, not too small: Perfect boobs! Do you think the same about them? Her skin might be light, but it’s great because her awesome tattoos stand out. You may have noticed she has six tattoos, linked with her rock personality. Uhm, maybe the flowers on the left side of her belly are not rock, but they sure make her stand out even more! The other tattoos are one on the top of her right arm, one on her left foot, one on top of her butt, one on the other side of her belly, and the last one is on her wrist. Have you seen all her tattoos in the photos and videos? Or you, bad guys, were always focused on her boobs and pussy (lol)? She also has a belly piercing, which is really really lovable.
Another thing that we can love about Jenna is her beautiful long hair, that’s very exciting. Do you think that her tattoos and looks are exciting overall? Anyway, I think that you want to know how, where and when she started her porn career. Maybe you remember Jenna Sin during her collaboration with the site from a few years ago. I think that she was more of a rock girl back then, because she had short spiky hair, but she changed her look now. During that period she has done a lot of photos and hard videos, but her career started way before that. Specifically, she likes solo porn videos, and you can find a lot of them, from hardcore to soft porn scenes. She loves dildos (big, small, red, blue, green, all dildos), lingerie and she gets so wet in front of a camera. She also loves thinking that you will get horny when you see the photos or the videos that she’s doing. For this reason we can see her enjoy webcam porn too. “It’s fucking exciting to get horny and to cum together with my viewers, especially when I do whatever they ask.”
Those who want to see Jenna in action just enter on and search for Jenna Sin videos. There you can find some rare amatorial videos with Jenna beeing fucked in hotel rooms.
So, bad guys, leave a lot of feedbacks on how I can improve my website and my videos. I want to give my utmost for you, so I think that the best way is to listen to your advice. Now I have to go, so bye bye fans, and remember: life is for living xoxo