Passionate sex with my lover

He always enjoyed a good handjob. He didn’t have some weird fetishes, but he loved handjobs and footjobs as well. We were in a relationship on and off for a long time now, and we were in a fight this time. Of course, I was hornier than ever, trying to satisfy myself with watching Indian porn and my best buddy these days- one little vibrator he chose for me.

I was giving little pleasure in a different room when he wasn’t there, but that night he came earlier at home and caught me just at the same minute I had an orgasm. He was stunned by that view; I could feel it, which was shown to his face.

Suddenly he forgot about our previous fight and stormed into the room, kissing me passionately and trying to start foreplay, some wild and sweaty sex party. I know what he was waiting for, to get his erected dick in my hands and give him the most wanted sucking. But instead of that, he started to lick my pussycat with such a hunger that made orgasms came and go wildly. I know that he wanted to see my performance and my ideally experienced moves for handjob or footjob. I started to caress him over his chest, arms, and torso with my freshly manicured foot. He enjoyed. He grabbed my foot and started to lick it softly, and while moaning, he began to masturbate with his free hand. I enjoyed the view and tried to show him some new footjob skills I learned while we were mad.

I always knew that we are meant for each other, even when we were mad and not talking. The passion and tension for love felt in the air, even if we didn’t talk to each other. However, I decided that it would not be a mistake if I learned and tried to improve my sexy skills, and the results were terrific. He enjoyed it while I played with his huge cock with my one foot, and he was kissing the other one, along with every inch of my leg. He cummed once and decided that it is time to include my little buddy a chance and make the atmosphere hotter than it already was. . My vibrator was to my clitoris. He first started to masturbate my already wet and covered in juices pussy with his long fingers. I didn’t have to wait too long. My orgasm hit me strong, and the sensation was all over my body. He was smiling with satisfaction while he was seeing me cumming.

He penetrated softly and grabbed my boobs because he knew that that was my turning and hot point. While I was moaning, I encouraged him to moan with me, which could lead to our synchronized orgasms. And yeah, that was so good, but he tried to slow it down so that way I could cum first. I didn’t want to wait to cum; I couldn’t wait for him. My orgasm was intense; it came in waves, my whole body was stunned. And then he burst inside me, I could feel the hot liquid in my pussy, and that was the pass that the second round would come in a minute.