Sex at the beach

I had seen you when you were with him. I’ve always imagined you and me having a one-night stand having magical, incredible love-making. You are so beautiful, the woman of my dreams, and I have to have you no matter what. I found your phone and decided to call you.  You sound excited and horny. I want you to meet me downstairs in front of the coffee shop that you love, and you agree, telling me that you’ll be there soon.

My sexual experience tells me that you are hungry for fun, sexy night, and guilty pleasure.

Looking stunning with your red hair, you are really there, waiting for me. You act like you don’t know me and do not recognize me, but you know that I am watching you every day with him. I am not asking you anything, and you know that you should come with me.

We go to the beach, and there is one spot where we could show each other our sexual appetite, and I really want to explore the fetish that I’ve seen in that video porno I am excited to show you what I have learned from that fetish amateur porn.

Your red hair is down to your shoulders, covering those huge and beautiful breasts. Your saucy mouth is begging for my penis, and I know that you are hungry for lots of sex. You break the ice between us and start undressing while everyone at the beach is watching, but it doesn’t matter. Knowing that we will make love here in front of them trying to satisfy ourselves makes us hornier. I am undressing, and your boob is suddenly into my hand. I am licking your boob, and you touch my penis with your foot. You know somehow that I have a foot fetish, and my penis is starting to pulse. Touching your wet pussy makes my penis ready for action, but you want me to give you oral sex and making me go slower so you could have more orgasms.

You have the most beautiful pussy that I have ever seen. Small, with that pulsing clitoris covered with a bit of pubic hair, and there it is that magical little hole that I want to try with my tongue and fingers. As I am thinking of all of that, I slowly perform it. You start to moan and bread slowly. Your red hair is now up into the sand, but you don’t care. You touch your beautiful breasts and lick your nipples, and your hand is down to your clitoris, masturbating. My fingers are giving you pleasure, and you burst into orgasm. Your foot is in my mouth. I am licking your toes, the whole foot, and suddenly you want to enter in you slowly. Obviously, you want to enjoy sex. As I enter slowly, you moan loud, don’t care at all that the people are listening or maybe watching. It is not important. We cum together, and you have multiple orgasms. I am happy. Finally, you are the girl that made me realize my fetish, and thinking of that makes me want you more and more.