The amazing Jenna Sin

Hello dear fans,
This is one of the best Jenna Sin blogs around. Jenna’s a bad-punk rock woman from Wales and I’m sure that if you are here, it’s because you want to know some gossip and news about her. First of all let’s talk about her sizes, that helped her become a Pornstar! She is 5’ 7” tall and her weight is 146 lbs. Ops, I know that she has a lot of fans from Europe, so maybe I need to say that she is 170 cm tall and her weight is 66 kg. Her measurements are 34 top, 32 waistline and 43 bottom. And her bra size is cup C. Personally I love her tits, they are not too big, not too small: Perfect boobs! Do you think the same about them? Her skin might be light, but it’s great because her awesome tattoos stand out. You may have noticed she has six tattoos, linked with her rock personality. Uhm, maybe the flowers on the left side of her belly are not rock, but they sure make her stand out even more! The other tattoos are one on the top of her right arm, one on her left foot, one on top of her butt, one on the other side of her belly, and the last one is on her wrist. Have you seen all her tattoos in the photos and videos? Or you, bad guys, were always focused on her boobs and pussy (lol)? She also has a belly piercing, which is really really lovable.
Another thing that we can love about Jenna is her beautiful long hair, that’s very exciting. Do you think that her tattoos and looks are exciting overall? Anyway, I think that you want to know how, where and when she started her porn career. Maybe you remember Jenna Sin during her collaboration with the site from a few years ago. I think that she was more of a rock girl back then, because she had short spiky hair, but she changed her look now. During that period she has done a lot of photos and hard videos, but her career started way before that. Specifically, she likes solo porn videos, and you can find a lot of them, from hardcore to soft porn scenes. She loves dildos (big, small, red, blue, green, all dildos), lingerie and she gets so wet in front of a camera. She also loves thinking that you will get horny when you see the photos or the videos that she’s doing. For this reason we can see her enjoy webcam porn too. “It’s fucking exciting to get horny and to cum together with my viewers, especially when I do whatever they ask.”
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So, bad guys, leave a lot of feedbacks on how I can improve my website and my videos. I want to give my utmost for you, so I think that the best way is to listen to your advice. Now I have to go, so bye bye fans, and remember: life is for living xoxo