The Story About How I Discovered Persia Monir

You know one of the genres I love most in porn? MILFs. They drive me crazy like nothing else. I can spend the whole damn day looking at porn, but the minute I find a good looking MILF, I get stuck on that one. I even rub one out before going on with my day. Persia Monir is one of those stars that will make take a second look at her stuff since I love to see them do what they do best. Persia is a woman that looks straight out of an Indian porn film. Her facial features look foreign, but she is a fully-fledged American MILF that found the peak of her sexuality in her 50’s. Go figure.

Persia is all over the place, she has her own website, but she has done a lot of clips. If you are looking for something for a quick handjob you will surely find it. She’s very friendly when it comes to engaging her fans. From the things I got on the internet, she probably has fucked a few. She has also stated that she loves to fuck young guys until they are drained, something she can withstand with ease since she’s been an active athlete since her 20’s. Her body certainly has the curves to show it! Most of her scenes are done to please her fans. This woman clearly loves her fetishes.

My Trip to Discover Persia

My first exposure to Persia was a random clip that was making the rounds on a lot of sites. Probably because it was being promoted. In that scene, she was wearing nothing but a blue summer dress as she was taking a nap. A guy who never shows his face approaches her. He struggles for a bit to take a peek at her tits. He can’t stand it, and with a quick move, he releases those puppies in the air. It was a sight to behold. She comes out of her stupor and notices what is going on. At first, she acts kind of surprised, but after she notices the massive bulge in the guy’s pants, she gets in the mood as well. She extends her hand to reach that cock and stroke it until the guy is ready to cum.

There is another awesome clip making the rounds. In this one, she’s making a test run on fabrics with a fashion guy. The guys sure know how to act the part since masterfully strips Persia out of her clothes in the first 15 minutes of the clip. She shows off various pieces of clothing on her body until the fashion guys rub her pussy gently with his fingers. She lets him know how insanely wet she is, as he goes for his hard dick on his pants. She gulps down on that cock for a while until she’s dripping wet on the couch. That’s when she asks him to fuck her silly. We get to see the whole damn thing in the first person, and it’s fucking awesome until he shoots his load all over her.