Top 5 Indian Pornstars Known across the Globe

Indian pornstars have been always in demand and desired, not just in India but worldwide. Some say it is because of their slender bodies, others think it is because of their soft brown skin, while most simply find them irresistible hot without any explicit reason. Whatever the reason they make both males and females horny as hell. To that end, we’ve made a list of what we think are the top five Indian pornstars that are world famous.

#1 Sunny Leone

Sunny is one of a kind, a true goddess. She has performed both in porn and mainstream movies. And in each one of them, she is an epiphany of sexual desire. She has won plenty of awards for her roles in porn movies and has worked with some of the most celebrated names in the porn industry. She is a true icon of porn, well beyond Indian borders. Her breasts are 34C and her big ass is 34.

#2 Destiny Deville

Destiny Deville is one of those Indian adult actresses that can be found on any list of best babes from India. She is well-known as Sunny and equally adored as her. She moved at the UK at an early age where she made her first steps in the adult industry. Even though she retired several years ago she left us with more than 80 movies, many of whom are award-winning adult movies. Her ass is 32, while her breasts are 34E. She might be retired, but for her fans, she is always there one or another way.

#3 Jazmine Star

Jazmine makes it very hard not to like her. Her mocha skin tone, her sexy figure, and all that sexiness that surround her made her the adult superstar she is. She has worked with every major studio and starred in well over two dozens of videos. Her girl on girl action is epic, same as her portrayal of a naughty doctor. Her ass is size 37 and her breasts stand at 34C.

#4 Kali Sudhra

She may not be there as famous as Sunny Leone or Destiny Deville, but she is getting there. Some even say that she is one of the most underrated adult actresses in India. She has started in a couple of dozen adult movies in various genres. She even worked with the acclaimed Erika Lust. Erika is an acclaimed adult movie director whose movies are considered as one of the finest in the entire adult industry. Her ass maybe just 30, and her breasts 30C, but her sexuality and charisma are off the charts.

#5 Leah Jaye

No list can be made without the one and only Leah Jaye. She has her debut in 2006 and starred in well over 100 adult movies. The things she has done is some of them is unimaginable for today’s porn stars. She has it all, the charisma, the curvy body, and an incredible lust for sex. She may be born and raised in the UK, but she is a full-blooded Indian beauty that loves having sex on camera. Her ass is 36, while her incredible breasts are 34B.

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