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If you take a look at Lisa Ann, you will understand right away what’s her appeal. She can switch from sweet and tender to a full-bitch mode in a matter of moments. She also is one of those versatile pornstars that does everything. She takes on guys and girls from all races and credos. She even fucks using every hole given to her by nature. Her clip with Danny d that you can find on most free online xxx movies sites is enough proof of this. This girl can take a cock, and she can make a short game of it regardless of its size. That’s what cougars do, and that’s why we love her. The clip I’m talking about is one of the hottest ones you can find with her. The pairing of Danny D Lisa Ann pays off big time, and it goes precisely the way you expect it from a guy with such a massive dong.

The Fuck of a Lifetime

It all begins in a setting very similar to a nightclub. Lisa Ann barges into the lady’s bathroom as Danny D is having his dick sucked by another girl. Lisa seems annoyed enough to interrupt them. Maybe she was pissed that a young one was having all the action while she was being sidelined? Who knows? She doesn’t lose any time, she pulls the young girl aside, and she gets down on her knees to suck that long, and thick cock like there is no tomorrow for her. The other gal gets pissed and storms out of the bathroom. Now Lisa finally has room to do as she pleases. She bares it all, her full naked body enticing Danny D to take action and that’s precisely what he does as he takes her from behind and slides his enormous meat inside her pussy. As he pounds her silly, she keeps switching positions until she finally nails the one that declares her the winner.

Lisa Ann or the queen of porn finishes the clip riding Danny on top as he can only stay laying down on the floor taking the punishment. As she arches her back, she lets out a long moan to tell us when she is done. She graces Danny’s dick by making him cum all over the place. This power couple is truly one of the most exceptional pairings in porn. This is one hell of a clip that will have you nutting in a couple of minutes!